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Leaders of Tomorrow #2 2021 – Training by UP Performance Coaching

The Leaders of Tomorrow Programme that will kick-start on the 6th March 2021 is a six-part journey will help form the foundation of a leadership ethos


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UP Performance Coaching (one of JCI Malta’s corporate partners) is conducting six training sessions throughout 2021. This six-part journey will help form the foundation of a leadership ethos focused on adding value where we know our strengths deliver best, while continuously sharpening our leadership skills where we see there is room for improvement.

Each workshop will last for 2 hours and will be interactive, engaging, and collaborative.

  1. Leading the Way: From Starting with WHY, to eating last. How leadership is much more than a fancy tagline | 17 April

With 2.9 billion featured results for anything about leadership, it is understandable that an exact meaning may be difficult to come by. However, it is exactly this that makes leadership much more than a fancy tagline we add to our CV or competency list. During this second session we will explore how leadership is more of a lifestyle than a mere term we learn at business school.

  1. I.R.E.: A framework for keeping your leadership on track | 22 May

The origin of the phrase ‘to light a fire under someone’ dates back to when chimney sweep’s were scared to climb up chimney’s and this was used to ‘motivate’’ them to climb to the top. We use F.I.R.E. in a similar fashion, to help people keep track on their leadership objectives and achieve their infinite potential without, literally, having to light a fire under anyone.

  1. The power of impactful messages: From collaborative thinking to conflict resolution | 19 June

They say words can move mountains, and can help plants grow, and we all know that with the right word we can get ourselves into the new club or out of a sticky situation. During this session we take a look at how we communicate is a window into who we are, what we think of the value relationships and how we build trust.

  1. The accountability paradox: Who is responsible for accountability? | 25 September 

While an accountant can keep track and reconcile your financial history, in leadership accountability is something we can only apply to ourselves, and hardly ever to others. During this session we will consider the difference between leadership’s responsibilities and ownership of one’s behaviours, actions and results: The accountability paradox.

  1. E-IQ: The power of embracing emotional knowledge | 23 October

In 2016 the World Economic Forum ranked E-IQ sixth in the list of top 10 skills required to succeed in the workplace by 2020. In previous reports E-IQ had not featured. Add a global economic crisis or deadly pandemic and five years down the line E-IQ could provide  many of the answers to many of the problems leaders find themselves facing on a daily basis today. During this session we will take a practical approach to enhancing the value of our own emotional intelligence on a daily basis.


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Leaders of Tomorrow #2 2021 – Training by UP Performance Coaching