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Unlocking Opportunities: Partnering for Progress with JCI Malta

Welcome to the gateway of collaboration and mutual growth! At JCI Malta, we believe in the power of partnerships that transcend the conventional. Our mission is fueled by the collective commitment to community impact, personal development, and positive change. To further our endeavors, we invite you to explore the dynamic world of sponsorships that align with our values and amplify your brand’s influence.


Our partnership packages

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We understand that every partnership is unique, just like every supporter is distinctive. That’s why we’ve curated four distinct sponsorship packages, each designed to cater to different budgets without compromising on the potential for meaningful contributions. Whether you are a burgeoning entrepreneur or an established corporation, there’s a sponsorship avenue that suits your capacity for impact.

Bronze Level (up to €1.000)

    • Ideal for startups and small businesses
    • Ensures valuable exposure within our community
    • Affordable yet impactful contribution

Silver Level (up to €2.000)

    • A balanced package offering increased visibility
    • Opportunities for collaborative events and joint initiatives
    • Designed for businesses seeking mid-level engagement

Gold Level (up to €4.000)

    • Tailored for established entities aiming for a higher profile
    • Prominent brand visibility across our events and platforms
    • Enhanced networking opportunities with our influential community

Platinum Level (for €5.000 and over)

    • Reserved for premier collaborators seeking maximum impact
    • Exclusive privileges, premium exposure, and VIP access
    • Comprehensive and personalized partnership experience

Beyond packages: personalized partnerships for mutual success:

Recognizing the diversity of our potential supporters, we are open to conversations that go beyond predetermined packages. We understand that every collaboration is a unique blend of aspirations and capabilities. Let’s engage in a dialogue and co-create a partnership that not only benefits JCI Malta but also aligns seamlessly with your organizational goals. Your success is integral to our shared journey, and together, we can forge a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Ready to embark on a journey of shared success? Reach out to our sponsorship team, and let’s explore the endless possibilities of collaboration. Join us in shaping a future where meaningful partnerships drive positive change!


JCI Malta Partners

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partnership benefits

JCI Malta Partnership Opportunities

Branding & Marketing Opportunities
  • Organisation’s logo on the JCI Malta website with a link to the organisation’s website or company social media page of their choice.
  • Opportunity to display one roll-up banner during a specific JCI Malta event – exclusive to one organisation per event.
  • Opportunity to give a 5-minute opening speech during that same JCI Malta event.
  • Opportunity for two people to attend that same JCI Malta event on a complimentary basis.
  • Organisation’s mention in the JCI Malta event press release which will appear on the JCI website and local media.
  • Opportunity to place a promotional banner (linked to the organisation’s website or social media page) on one issue of the JCI Malta newsletter.
Trainings & Workshops

We can train your employees/members. JCI Malta has several local and international certified trainers and coaches for a variety of topics.

Collaborate Locally

Do you have events, projects, training sessions or other topics that overlap with what we do in JCI? Let’s collaborate and make it even better – together.

International Opportunities

Join us at international JCI events and gain knowledge or make use of networking opportunities with thousands of active citizens, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Discounted Rates

Get discounted rates for all JCI Malta memberships and events if 4 or more people from your organisation join JCI Malta.

Partnership Application

JCI Partner Application

Simply fill in the contact form hereunder in order to become a Partner of JCI Malta. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who Can Become a JCI Partner?

Partnership opportunities with JCI Malta are open to any company, and any form of association, foundation, business chamber, organisation or body of persons registered in Malta and engaged in commercial or social activity in or from Malta.


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