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JCI Malta Local Organisations

JCI Local Organisations serve as the backbone of the National Organisation. Junior Chamber International (JCI) Malta comprises three local organisations that provide platforms to help its members develop their leadership skills. As from 2021, JCI Malta is also working on establishing its fourth Local Organisation on the island of Gozo.

Below find further information about each of the JCI Malta Local Organisations. Each member must belong to a Local Organisation of their choice.

Local Organisations

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jci Malta Local Organisations

JCI La Valette (Business & entrepreneurship)

The JCI La Valette Local Organisation is committed to developing members’ business skills and helping them grow their professional network.

JCI La Vallette
JCI Wignacourt



The JCI Wignacourt Local Organisation seeks to highlight social and community issues, empowering its members to assist their community.

JCI de rohan (personal & professional self-development)

The JCI de Rohan Local Organisation focuses on the personal and professional self-development of members to improve their public speaking skills and work on their self-development.

JCI Debating & Public Speaking
JCI Wignacourt


JCI Gozo (Coming Soon)

JCI Gozo will be the first regional Local Organisation and will focus on a blend of the other three local organisations. 

We’re looking for people who are based in Gozo who would be interested in setting up this local organisation (through JCI Malta).