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If you want to become a true young enterprising leader who wants to develop their potential in a changing world, JCI Malta is the ideal organisation for you to grow your network, hone your skills, and contribute to a better community.

In 2021, for just €59, you will be getting all the benefits listed below in the membership package. Most of these benefits roll over from one year to the next, while new ones may be added to replace others on an annual basis.

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Membership Benefits

2022 Membership Package Benefits

 Will be announced soon! Stay tuned… and you can still sign up for membership cause you’re going to get a great deal.


Membership Benefits

2021 Membership Package Benefits

6 FREE Leaders of Tomorrow trainings led by UP Performance Coaching

During 2021 we will be having  an even bigger focus on the topic of leadership. As a leadership organisation, we have partnered up with UP Performance Coaching in order to bring to you a total of 6 trainings that revolve around the topic of leadership which will be led by Julian Azzopardi and Nathan Farrugia. The total worth of these training sessions sum up to the value of €300+.

FREE access to Train Your Brain trainings

During the past two years, JCI Malta has brought to you a series of skills boosting training and workshops titled Train Your Brain, some of which were at a cost. In 2021, JCI Malta will be offering free access to the Train Your Brain sessions throughout the year. The total worth of these training sessions exceed €80.

FREE participation in JCI Malta funded projects

JCI Malta seeks to apply for government  and European funds in order to make its projects as professional and accessible as possible. Past funded projects include the National Debating Competition, Impacting Communities. Achieving Results., Democracy Now and Coaching for Inclusion. In 2021, JCI Malta aims to make participation in these projects exclusively accessible to JCI Malta members and potential members. The worth of these projects and training programmes exceed €20,000 yearly.

Opportunity to participate in international events organised by JCI

When you are a member of JCI Malta, you will be recognised internationally as a member and therefore you will be granted member prices to international events. People who decide to attend our JCI conferences such as European Conference and World Congress and are not JCI members in some country around the globe end up paying an extra fee as part of their registration. If you are interested in being a JCI Malta member you will benefit from member rates to official international events. Additionally, you will also open up the opportunity for yourself to participate in academies such as PR & Media Academy in Italy, the European Academy in Sweden, the JCI Academy in Japan and the Conference Organising Committee Academy in Estonia. Active members will be considered for subsidies for academy participation. JCI has over 10 annual international  conferences and academies.

Membership/Discount card (To be announced later)

JCI Malta is all about creating value for members, and this means that we will be working on providing our members with valuable discounts from local businesses through the use of a physical or digital membership card. The discount card will be made available in due time.

Free access to platform with on-demand trainings & webinars

In 2020, JCI Malta launched its digital training platform recognising the need and want  for online training that are accessible on demand. All registered JCI Malta members are being given a free platform subscription which would otherwise cost €25. Platform is to be launched soon.

Resource library to be used by JCI Malta members

JCI Malta will also be offering access to its own resource library, as well as the international JCI library which include notes, templates and presentation of official JCI courses. To be launched soon.

Access to JCI Malta member-only events

Every registered & paid up member will have access to all member-only events held in 2021. During this year, we are aiming to give our members even more value for their membership. For this reason, there will be a focus on making as many JCI Malta events as exclusive for members as possible.

JCI membership pin (following proof of being active)

Following seeing you as a member engaging in our events, training or projects, you will be given your very own JCI membership pin. These pins are not given to dormant members who pay membership and never make use of it. The aim behind this is to ensure that all our members are getting value for the money they invested in the organisation.

Voting & leadership role contesting rights

Every year JCI Malta holds its Annual General Meeting in order to elect its new board. With a one year to lead policy internationally, no member is allowed to occupy a role for more than one calendar year, unless there are exceptional circumstances that would leave the organisation no other choice. Apart from getting the opportunity to cast your vote and elect the new teams, as a JCI Malta member you have the opportunity to contest for roles on the National Board (always following the rules and regulations imposed on the organisation by its Constitution).

Access to an international network

JCI can be found in over 115 countries around the globe and consists of 150,000+ members. When joining JCI Malta, you will start growing your international network of like minded people not just within Europe, but also from all around the world.

Fully covered JCI Affiliation Fees

In order to be part of this international organisation, JCI Malta pays affiliation fees to both JCI Europe, as well as JCI. The total amount to be paid for each member is that of €17 which comes out of your membership fee.

Member of the Month initiative

In order to recognise our members and their hard work, in 2021, we will be running a member of the month programme. The most active member of the month will be announced and they will be granted permission to take over selected social media accounts of the organisation to promote themselves, their work and how they’re being active.

Platform to run your own projects

By becoming a JCI Malta member, you can take your passions to the next level. Everyone has something around them they would like to see changed. JCI Malta gives its members an already established platform, access to government, European and organisation partners, funding and resources to work on projects that would lead to this change. This membership opportunity is activated once the member has a project that also aligns with the JCI vision, mission and creed, as well as the short-term and long-term goals of the organisation. The main aim here is for our members to not only impact society, but to also learn leadership skills as they go along.

Access to trainings by international trainers & coaches

JCI Malta is known for bringing to Malta international trainers and coaches to make sure to keep its training programme as varied as possible. Trainers who hosted sessions with JCI Malta include people coming from the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Finland, Sweden, France and many more.

Select your Local Organisation

Choose to belong to one of the Local Organisations that is most suited to you and your interests.

Local Organisation

JCI La Valette

Business & Entrepreneurship

Local Organisation - La Vallette
Local Organisation

JCI Wignacourt

Community & Civic Responsibility

Local Organisation - Wignacourt
Local Organisation

JCI de Rohan

Personal & Professional Self-Development

Local Organisation - Public Speaking &  Debating
Local Organisation

JCI Gozo

Local Organisation - Gozo
Student Discount

Are you a full-time student?

If you are a full-time student (above the age of 18) and want to join JCI Malta as a member, you can benefit from our student discount. The discount grants students a JCI Malta membership for the price of just €20 for a full year (from date of payment). Send an e-mail to [email protected] with proof showcasing you’re a full-time student to receive our discount code.

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