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JCI La Valette

The local organisation JCI La Valette is the right place for business-minded individuals. Here you can develop your business skills and grow your network.

Focus on Business

Our local organisation JCI La Valette is focused on business projects that reflect current and relevant challenges. 

Become a Leader

We have a one-year to lead philosophy and give the opportunity to every member to develop into a leader.

About jci La Vallette

Meet JCI La Valette

Our local organisation JCI La Valette (Business) is committed to developing your business and leadership skills. Simply contact the Local President of JCI La Valette to learn how we can help you grow.

Development Opportunities

We aspire to provide our members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship for the advancement of the individual and the community in general.

International Communities

In more than 5000 communities across nearly 120 countries, our members are recognised for embracing new ideas, collaboration and diversity.

Michael Gatt
Michael Gatt

Local President La Vallette and Director of Trainings and Business

JCI La Valette
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