JCI Malta Public Speaking Competition 2021


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The speakers have now been registered for the JCI Malta Public Speaking Competition.

You can watch the speeches on the 22nd April via Zoom. Register for free to be a spectator for the JCI Malta Public Speaking Competition.

Date: 22 April 2021
Time: 18:00
Venue: Online

The Participants

The following people will all be competing to win the coveted prize of representing JCI Malta at the JCI European Conference 2021, with all of them delivering a speech with the title, Justice is never the same for all.

  1. Vittorio Emanuele Camilleri
  2. Warren Sammut
  3. Jacob Cachia
  4. Shrija Lohade
  5. Luke Vella
  6. Franco Farrugia
  7. Matthew Saverio Chircop
  8. Jolanta Szubert

The Rules

Contestants are required to prepare a speech in English that is 5-7 minutes long and that engages and informs the audience through powerful arguments. We urge you to show what diversity looks like through your eyes!

Kindly note that only people aged 18-40 are eligible to participate due to JCI’s age limitations. We will be looking for speakers who are engaging throughout the presentation, persuasive in their arguments, fluent and conversational.

The Prize

The speaker with the best oration will be eligible to travel from Malta (Covid-19 permitting) and represent JCI Malta at the upcoming JCI European Conference Public Speaking Competition* (Flights, accommodation and event ticket will all be paid should the event take place physically.)


If you think you’ve got what is takes, we look forward to hosting you via Zoom on 22 April. The Public Speaking Competition is open to both JCI Malta members and non-members

*Mandatory: should a non-member win the competition they will be required to sign up as a JCI Malta member to be eligible to compete internationally.

An online training session will be given prior to the competition on 13 April at 19:00 CET.

Event Date: 22 April 2021
Time: 18:00
Venue: Online
Price to participate in the competition: FREE for JCI Malta members (please ask for coupon); €10 for non-members

Additional Information

JCI Malta Public Speaking Competition 2021