Life coaching for JCI Malta members in Ireland

6 February 2020


JCI Malta members recently returned to Malta following a visit to JCI Ireland’s local chapter in Cork.

Deputy National President, Nicole Borg, and Treasurer, Stefania Bagalà, attended a training event on life goal setting, led by German life and career coach Dana Fülles, and organised by JCI Cork.

JCI Cork President Melanie Morrisey opened the event, with Director for Memberships Niamh Dorgan giving an update on all the opportunities that JCI members can avail themselves of, both in Ireland as well as on an international setting. A special welcome was extended to the Maltese delegates whose presence there was “a lovely surprise”.

The training centred around how one identifies their “courageous goal” and then proceeds to divide that goal into tasks to make it reachable.

The training was followed by a networking session at Clancys pub in Cork, where the JCI Malta members got the opportunity to socialise with JCI Cork members.

“JCI Malta does not only give you the opportunity to make friends, develop your skills, and network on a local level, but it also gives you the opportunity to be part of an international community, and be received with open arms, by a likeminded group of people,” said Deputy National President Nicole Borg.

Both JCI Malta and JCI Cork form part of an international organisation (JCI) aimed at attracting members aged 18-40 focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship. The organisation has a strong focus on developing young leaders by involving them in the running of different community projects and trainings.



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