JCI Leads Sustainable Growth in Malta

21 January 2020


JCI Malta officially introduced its new executive team and all activities, projects, workshops and competitions planned for this year at “The JCI Malta 2020 Calendar Launch” event earlier this month.

Under this year’s theme “Leading Sustainable Growth”, the JCI Malta 2020 team has been working hard to put together a phenomenal set of events and projects for all members. The organisation strives to give its members, mainly young professionals and entrepreneurs, the opportunity to develop themselves as individuals, enhance their leadership skills and form part of its international network.

At the 2020 calendar launch event, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about JCI and its core activities. Around 40 events are planned for this year, ranging from business trainings, workshops and networking breakfasts, to social responsibility events such as tree growing, and trips to the European Days in Brussels.

Especially notable events include the launch of a National Debating League, the National Convention with trainings and a gala dinner, as well as international opportunities such as the European Conference in Dublin.

While the organisation appeals to young and upcoming professionals and entrepreneurs, it also has a long track record working together with all sectors of society including businesses and institutions. At the calendar event, 2020 JCI National President Markus Behmann also introduced corporate memberships: “By becoming a corporate member of JCI Malta, local businesses can invest in personal growth and leadership skills development of their employees through international experiences and trainings.”

At the event, 2020 JCI Malta emphasised that the organisation is seeking young and upcoming local professionals and entrepreneurs who are keen to share knowledge and enhance their personal skills. Leadership training, community contribution, business networking, and international experience – joining JCI provides a unique opportunity for the development of one’s personality, and opening new horizons.

You can see photos from the event on the JCI Malta Facebook page



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