FAREWELL 2022… A Note from the JCI Malta NP

31 December 2022


As the year draws to a close, so does my term as JCI Malta National President. There’s one striking similarity between leading a team of volunteers and parenting – neither come with a manual. Sure, there are many blogs and articles about leadership, and enough quotes set against pretty backgrounds to create a daily calendar; however, as the saying goes, ‘it’s easier said than done’.

And I believe this is the reason behind JCI’s ‘one year to lead’ scheme.

Setting your sights on a goal that has a start and an end date is feasible and achievable. By giving a timeline to a project, there are parameters that one must work within. Without those parameters, it’s simply an idea that may or may not happen. Perhaps, someday, when I have time…

I implore people to take the plunge and try new things more often because experiences are what truly add value to life.

Throughout 2022, JCI Malta organised or was involved in 24 different initiatives across the three pillars that our local organisations are based on – business & entrepreneurship, civic responsibility, and personal & professional development.

Starting off the year with the JCI Malta Calendar Launch Event in January 2022

A glance at our Events Calendar for the year will show the wide array of events that were organised to reach many young people with different interests. I hope that the people who attended any of our events enjoyed themselves and will come back in 2023 to experience more of what JCI has to offer.

Thankfully, the decline of Covid-19 meant that we could host many in-person events that allowed us to network with new people and reacquaint ourselves with old friends. This aligned itself with this year’s theme, Reconnecting Leaders that focused on the need of people to work together to achieve results.

On that note, thanks goes out to the 2022 National Board, JCI Malta Corporate Partners, JCI Malta supporters, and the members – your contribution is appreciated.

Happy New Year to all! May 2023 bring inspiration and dedication to being better.

Giselle Borg Olivier
JCI Malta National President 2022



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