Dr Roberta Metsola addresses JCI European Meet-Up

1 November 2022


JCI Malta is proud to have hosted Dr Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, when she was delivering the opening keynote address to local and international JCI members in Malta, as the host country for the 2022 week-long JCI European Meet-up.

Dr Roberta Metsola addressing JCI delegates at the JCI European Meet-up

“We are thrilled to be have welcomed Dr Metsola to this prestigious event; the World Congress is the highlight of the annual JCI events calendar, and, while we could not be in Hong Kong due to Covid-19 restrictions, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be have been able to host our European colleagues and offer them this opportunity,” said the conference organisers, JCI Senators Rachel Cassar and Nicole Borg.

They added: “We have always found support and encouragement from Dr Metsola and consider her to be an inspiration to all young people, particularly locally, to believe that they too can make it as leaders.”

Dr Roberta Metsola with (l-r) Nicole Borg, Rachel Cassar and Giselle Borg Olivier

Together with their international counterparts, JCI delegates tuned in to the 2022 JCI World Congress that is taking place in Hong Kong, attending various initiatives, ceremonies, and General Assemblies in a hybrid manner. Moreover, JCI Malta also offered an in-person programme comprising keynote talks, workshops, and cultural activities for all the delegates in Malta.

Dr Roberta Metsola surrounded by JCI delegates at the JCI European Meet-up held in Malta

JCI Malta would like to thank their European Meet-up supporters: GO Business, The Farsons Foundation, Tech.mt, Visit Malta, as well as Julian Azzopardi and Pia Zammit who will be delivering sessions during the conference.



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