TOYP & JCI Malta Awards

The 2023 JCI Malta Awards

 JCI Malta recognizes individuals who make a positive difference in society in various fields. Through its various programs and initiatives, the organisation encourages individuals to take action and make a change in their communities. The organization offers recognition and awards to individuals who have made an impact in fields such as business, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and sustainability. JCI Malta believes that by acknowledging these individuals, it can inspire others to follow in their footsteps and make a difference in their own communities. 

There are 3 types of awards:

  1. The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards
  2. Positive Change Awards
  3. Member Awards.

All nominees for TOYP Awards must be within the ages of 18 and 40.  This year’s deadline to submit nominations for the TOYP Awards and the Positive Change Awards is the 14th October 2023. All nominees and winners will be recognised at the JCI Malta Awards Gala Night that will be held on the 25th November 2023.

TOYP Awards

JCI Malta Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards


The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) program honors ten outstanding young people under the age of 40 each year. These individuals exemplify the spirit of the JCI Mission, and they serve as stellar examples of entrepreneurial spirit and ethical leadership.

Each year we ask the public to nominate people whom they believe are deserving of a TOYP nomination. You can nominate people across the 10 categories listed in the blue box below.

All nominees will be recognised at the glamorous JCI Malta Gala Awards Night in November 2023. Friends and family of the nominees can attend this fantastic event to encourage and support their loved ones.



the public are invited to vote for their preferred nominees

The weighting for the voting of all categories is:

60% International Judges; 40% Public vote

The 2023 JCI Malta TOYP Award nominees

Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment

This award serves as a nod to the outstanding efforts of individuals and organisations contributing towards education, by developing means to improve the current educational system.

Sponsored by: Corporate Gifts Malta


Leanne has dedicated herself to the craft of writing and publishing, and she extends her expertise to mentor others in this field. Through her involvement with NGOs like HELA Foundation and Inizjamed, Leanne takes the initiative to organize events that promote self-expression, encouraging both students and older individuals to share their creative work at open mic sessions. Additionally, she co-hosts a radio program, providing a platform for people to showcase their literary creations. As a lecturer at the University and Junior College, Leanne has the opportunity to engage with aspiring writers, offering them guidance and support in their creative pursuits.


Rianne Cini, a 20-year-old nursing student, was diagnosed with PTSD, hallucinations, depression and general anxiety when she was 15 years old and spent some time at a children’s mental hospital.

Although she was getting ready to sit for her O Levels at the time, Rianne said that psychiatrists advised her that it wasn’t even worth the bother. She pushed forward and managed to get into post-secondary education. She believes that politics has helped her get where she is today, using her platform to give other youth the courage they need to get through difficult times.

Her goal is to be a voice for many other teenagers who are going through mental health difficulties. She strives to be their voice, showing that they should never give up and should never be ashamed to seek help.


Heathcliff’s passion for education has been the guiding force throughout his professional journey. He has had the privilege of both classroom teaching and training future educators, a role he holds in high esteem.

In addition to teaching, Heathcliff supervises dissertations at both Bachelor and Master levels. Over his tenure, he has guided and supported over 40 students in their research endeavors, finding immense satisfaction in witnessing their growth and nurturing their curiosity in education.

A significant milestone in Heathcliff’s academic journey was coordinating the consultation for the Maltese National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care Services in 2021. This endeavor allowed him to collaborate with stakeholders in shaping the standards for quality early childhood education in Malta, a contribution that will benefit young learners and their families.

In 2023, Heathcliff was appointed as the Expert Consultant for the 5th edition of the Referencing Report for the Malta Qualifications Framework. This report plays a crucial role in providing clarity and guidance for academic and vocational qualifications in Malta, ensuring accessibility and transparency in the further and higher education system.

Heathcliff’s commitment to education extends beyond these projects. He served as the President of the NGO Right2Smile Foundation for four years, advocating for educational opportunities and empowerment on a broader scale. He continues to contribute as a Board Member of the NGO.

His affiliation with esteemed organizations like the British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) reflects his dedication to staying at the forefront of educational leadership and administration. Recently, he took on the role of Secretary for the Malta Society for Educational Administration and Management (MSEAM), marking a new chapter in his professional journey.

One of his most rewarding projects was the FunFit5 initiative in 2022-2023, a collaborative effort with colleagues from MCAST. Together, they explored the impact of a daily physical activity program in primary schools across Malta. The project emphasized the importance of physical well-being in the learning process and fostered a sense of team spirit among students, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience and well-being.

Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment

This award promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth by rewarding significant entrepreneurial actions, both on a local and international level.

Sponsored by: UP Your Level Performance Coaching




Since transitioning from a sole trader in November 2021 to an officially formed company in April 2022, The Growth Bully has undergone remarkable growth and evolution. With collaborations encompassing over 100 companies from 15 diverse industries across six countries, the company has showcased its ability to adapt and deliver value in varying market landscapes. The company has grown immensely and now offers services beyond AI Chatbot Marketing, as they now provide a spectrum of marketing solutions including Social Media Management, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Online Sales Funnels, Conversational Marketing, Brand Identity Design, Content Creation, Concept Development, Lead Generation, and Brand Content Strategy. Their approach to harnessing AI has been a game-changer, closing over 35% of deals from leads generated through AI. This demonstrates their commitment to leverage cutting-edge technology for optimized results. The brand’s resonance is further validated by the company’s strong social media presence, boasting over 10K followers, and reaching over 10,000 people per week through the CEO’s personal LinkedIn profile alone.


Employer branding is how an organisation differentiates itself as an employer by creating a unique culture. This not only gives any organisation, of any size, a massive commercial advantage, but also supports them in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent. Employer branding is still in its infancy in Malta, mostly because it is perceived as a ‘branding’ and ‘external communications’ exercise to attract talent, therefore many assume it is targeted towards large companies only.

Through her freelance consultancy, Vanessa attempts to break through these two myths. Vanessa thus helps organisations create brand ambassadors, especially in a country like Malta, where word of mouth is key!

Currently her focus is to spread the word about her work and its impact and demonstrate to organisations how it can be done. Vanessa believes that by adopting sustainable employer branding and communication practices, organisations can save money on recruitment, increase productivity, and as a result – profitability.


Donna’s company MyMama excels within the category of Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment due to its unique and impactful approach to supporting growing families.

Donna’s transition from a career in food science to founding MyMama reflects her entrepreneurial spirit. Her venture is an innovative one-stop shop that provides expert-led education, advice and community support to parents and caregivers. The company contributes to the well-being of families which in turn, has a positive impact on the broader economy by creating a healthier and more informed generation of parents.

MyMama caters to a diverse audience of parents and caregivers, creating an inclusive and supportive community. By providing both free and paid educational sessions and support services, it ensures that customers from various backgrounds and circumstances can access essential information and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Despite the challenges of re-skilling and launching her business at the height of the COVID pandemic, and having to adapt to
rapidly shifting circumstances, Donna’s dedication to her project’s growth is a testament to her resilience. Her involvement in various collaborations and projects, and an ever-expanding multi-disciplinary team indicates her proactive approach to expanding her entrepreneurial endeavours, further contributing to economic growth and development.


The start-up “The Wanderer’s Tome” that was co-founded by Fleur & Chelsea Sciortino has received numerous accolades since its inception in 2021. The first published game, Flabbergasted, was critically acclaimed, and nominated for multiple awards including the highly coveted ENNIE Awards which are the highest honour one can receive in the tabletop roleplaying game space. Flabbergasted has also been licensed and translated into 4 other languages (Italian, French, Chinese, and Ukrainian).

Contribution to World Peace and/or Human Rights

This award recognises individuals who are using leadership skills to strive for the end of poverty, hunger, and other inhumane conditions for a more peaceful future.


Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


Michelle Mifsud is a dedicated professional with a particular interest in autism, especially in girls, which has been the focus of her academic research. She works closely with children with autism on a daily basis, providing invaluable support in clinics and schools. In addition to her hands-on work, Michelle co-created “Mase in Space,” a unique book designed with autism sensitivity in mind. This research-based book fills a gap in available resources by providing an inclusive story with visual aids tailored to the needs of children with autism during recreational activities, particularly when enjoying books.

 The book not only aims to educate and support children with autism but also serves as a tool for developing functional language and social greetings. Its incorporation of rhythm and rhyme makes it engaging for children, and it offers guides on how to enhance book sharing experiences. Michelle’s innovative project, “Mase in Space,” has gained recognition and support from GO as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. This endorsement has led to the creation of a digital version of the book, further expanding its accessibility to a wider audience.

 Through her organization, “Sincerely Spectrum,” Michelle strives to establish a safe and inclusive environment for children of all mental ages and abilities. Her ultimate goal is to promote communication development through structured recreational play activities. She places a special emphasis on catering to the autistic community, ensuring that they feel supported, acknowledged, and heard. Currently, discussions are underway with public sector stakeholders to maximize the impact of “Mase in Space” and associated events, aiming to benefit the greatest number of individuals possible. Michelle’s unwavering commitment to the well-being and development of children with autism exemplifies her dedication to making a positive difference in their lives.


Cecilia has been dedicatedly serving as a psychosocial case worker at the Jesuit Refugee Service for over two years. Prior to this, she devoted her time to volunteering as an English teacher with Blue Door Education, an organization that provides English education for refugees. In her role at JRS, Cecilia plays a crucial role in supporting refugees on their educational journey, offering vital assistance in their basic integration process.

Furthermore, Cecilia takes charge of coordinating specific youth services, demonstrating her commitment to the well-being and development of young refugees. She initiated and oversaw an ongoing program that provides free accommodation for five refugees who are full-time students, aiming to facilitate their educational pursuits. For Cecilia, advocating for refugee rights means advocating for human rights. She has witnessed firsthand how refugees are often dehumanized and treated as lesser, and she channels her passion into advocating for their rights. This advocacy is not only evident in her professional role, but also permeates through her daily interactions and the values that guide her in her work. Cecilia’s unwavering dedication to supporting refugees and championing their rights reflects her deep commitment to humanitarian causes.


Sarah, a former Amnesty International activist, has been a dedicated contributor to the Times of Malta since 2010. In her role, she extensively covers a wide array of human rights issues both in Malta and on a global scale. This involves not only reporting but also diligently following up with relevant authorities, legislators, and civil society organizations. Sarah’s coverage includes critical topics such as conflicts in regions like Libya, Egypt, and Palestine, as well as pressing matters like migration across the Mediterranean, access to agricultural land, healthcare accessibility, sexual abuse, poverty, homelessness, mental health, suicide, statelessness, work exploitation, racism, homophobia, gender and age discrimination, and disability.

In addition to her journalistic work, Sarah plays an active role in the Anti Racism Platform, a civil society organization dedicated to monitoring instances of racism and discrimination in Malta. Through this platform, she contributes to the oversight of anti-racism strategies and initiatives, further emphasizing her commitment to combating discrimination and promoting equality in the community. Sarah’s extensive involvement in these areas underscores her passion and dedication to advocating for human rights and social justice issues.

Cultural Achievement

This award calls all visual and performing artists whose practice brings about a social consciousness, by means of their subject matter or materials.

Sponsored by: MISCO


The docudrama “The Women of George Cross Island” seeks to address the historical oversight in recognizing the wartime contributions of Maltese and Malta-based women, which played a pivotal role in granting Maltese women the right to vote in 1947. The series sheds light on these unsung heroines, offering a unique female perspective on military conflict. Through extensive research and access to various sources, including memoirs and interviews, researcher and writer Kim Dalli chronicles the lives of women involved in various roles during the war. The project also captures the last living female survivors’ firsthand accounts of World War II. Employing a blend of drama, re-enactments, and historical commentary, the series aims to provide a comprehensive portrayal of Malta’s wartime experiences, emphasizing the resilience and bravery of women who stood alongside men in the defence of their country and freedom.


Luke’s work, “It-Teatru tal-Miskin,” has been hailed as a transformative force in Maltese theatre, earning praise from reviewers and establishing him as a trailblazer in the local arts scene. His collaborations with artists from diverse genres, such as sound engineer Matteo Depares, have seamlessly merged musical theatre with electronic music in projects like “AURA” and “KOR KWIR.” Luke’s work with visual creators, designers, and filmmakers has expanded artistic boundaries.

He has set new standards for independent local producers and writers, while also fostering international relations and enriching both Maltese and UK arts scenes. Luke’s commitment to accessibility is evident in every facet of his work, from bilingual delivery to provisions for dyslexic comprehension and efforts to include diverse communities in the conversation.

Throughout the season, Luke has continually honed his skills, adopting a holistic approach to musical theatre. His collaborations have been marked by a dedication to ensuring representation and empowerment, as seen in his work with immigrant communities, blind performers, wheelchair users, and dancers with disabilities. Accessibility remains a paramount concern, demonstrated by his efforts to include touch tours and other accommodations.

For the Programm tal-Miskin, Luke joined forces with over 51 organizations and creatives in a massive outreach project, spanning from social and LGBTQI+ organizations to NGOs and sponsors. In his work with Candoco Dance Company’s “BURST,” Luke collaborated with sound creator Meg Mcgrady, bridging different approaches to music creation.

In the digital realm, Luke’s production of “Polly & Esther” during the pandemic required a unique collaboration with filmmakers and a production team focused on recorded performances. Through these diverse collaborations and unwavering dedication to accessibility, Luke has emerged as a transformative figure in the world of theatre and musical production. His innovative and inclusive approach has garnered recognition, solidifying his position as a deserving candidate for awards and accolades in the arts.


Mohamed’s nomination acknowledges the convergence of their roles as a queer artivist, light designer, and curator, unafraid to tackle challenging and sensitive subjects.

In their capacity as a light designer, Mohamed is dedicated to elevating storytelling and pushing the boundaries of traditional art. They firmly believe that art serves as a powerful instrument for advocating social change and justice and should be accessible and engaging to a diverse audience. Notably, in the project “Counting Down,” Mohamed utilized public spaces to bring attention to the injustices faced by Daphne Caruana Galizia and Lassana Cisse.

Through their co-curation of “”The Wind Blows… Waves in All Directions,”” Mohamed successfully assembled the largest collection of LGBTIQ+ artworks on the island, amplifying the voices of 25 artists and three NGOs from across the Mediterranean. Their performance video, “”Don’t Forget Me,”” originally created for Refugee Week Malta, was a significant inclusion in the exhibition. This introspective piece, which serves as a letter to Mohamed’s father experiencing dementia, also sheds light on the oppressive laws against homosexuality in Tunisia and the unjust treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. Mohamed’s work stands as a powerful testament to their commitment to using art as a means of advocating for marginalized communities and effecting positive social change.


Vikesh, a trailblazing theatre-maker, boasts a career defined by his radical approach to subject matter and artistic execution. He fervently believes in art’s transformative potential for both audiences and creators alike.

In 2018, Vikesh, alongside co-creator Marta Vella, received a commission from Teatru Malta to write and direct a groundbreaking pantomime designed specifically for blind and visually impaired audiences. This innovative production took the bold step of setting the performance entirely in darkness, with accessibility considerations integrated from the project’s inception. The blind community played a central role in its development, with blind performer Samuel Farrugia taking a leading role. The resulting show, featuring multi-sensory effects in the dark and a live binaural performance, offered a unique and alternative panto experience. It premiered in December 2018 to sold-out audiences and critical acclaim, becoming a holiday season staple in Malta.

Vikesh’s pantomimes, such as “Gawgaw,” “L-Imbuljuta,” and “Il-Gulbiena,” draw inspiration from Maltese folklore and traditions, diverging from the conventional fairy-tale formula. These productions have earned accolades, including the Award for Innovation and the Best Community Project at the Malta Arts Award.

Building on the success of the Panto in the Dark series, Vikesh unveiled “Aura: A Musical in the Dark” as part of Europride 2023. Collaborating with sound designer Matteo Depares and composer/lyricist Luke Saydon, the show delves into themes of loss and acceptance. It sold out its run and received enthusiastic praise, marking a pinnacle of Vikesh’s career.

Beyond his work in the dark, Vikesh’s directorial efforts continue to champion social change. Productions like “The Nobodies,” “Polyester Princess,” and “Ulysses: A Portrait of an Artist on Fire” tackle activism, body dysmorphic disorder, and the impact of the pandemic on artists, respectively.

His contributions extend to the realm of children’s theatre, where he has pushed boundaries with innovative and socially conscious productions. His collaborations with artists at the forefront of their fields have brought high-quality theatre to young audiences in Malta and Gozo.

In the UK, Vikesh has left an indelible mark with “Blanket Ban,” a docu-play confronting the abortion ban in Malta. The play, written and performed by Maltese duo Marta Vella and Davinia Hamilton, was produced and directed by Vikesh’s UK-based theatre company, Chalk Line Theatre. It garnered critical acclaim and engaged over 2500 audience members, shedding light on Maltese stories and artists.

Vikesh’s determination to challenge the status quo through content and execution, alongside his local and international success, position him as a formidable contender for the Award. His unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and effecting positive change in the Maltese cultural landscape is evident throughout his prolific career.

Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

This award recognizes those who promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.


Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


Throughout his life, Thomas has been passionately dedicated to shedding light on the experiences of living with a disability. His aim has always been to foster a more inclusive society where determination, consistency, and teamwork are valued above all else. In collaboration with the Malta Paralympic Committee, Thomas had the privilege of speaking to thousands of students at the grassroots level, emphasizing the importance of viewing disability in a positive and empowering light. Additionally, Thomas wholeheartedly believes that the only true disability is a negative mindset!

Thomas, a 21-year-old student-athlete, recently earned a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Physical Activity and is currently pursuing an M.Sc. (Hons) in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Born with an amputated right arm, he faced the challenge of coming to terms with his disability as a child. However, today, two decades later, he stands tall and proud, largely owing to the transformative power of sports. Throughout his journey, Thomas has been fortunate to have a supportive network consisting of parents, relatives, friends, coaches, and teammates, all of whom have played a

significant role in shaping him into the person he is today.


Rachael Hollwey founded Walk and Talk four years ago and has been working with a dedicated team on a purely voluntary basis to establish an effective community support system, drawing from personal experiences alongside professional expertise. The organization exudes genuine hope, care, and compassion, evident in the numerous testimonials attesting to its transformative impact on lives. Individuals who were once frequent visitors to Mount Carmel have found a newfound sense of companionship, those who previously celebrated birthdays and holidays alone now have a supportive circle to share these moments with, and individuals reliant on social services for a decade have gained newfound independence.

Walk and Talk has touched the lives of hundreds through physical walks and thousands through its social media presence, reaching up to 28,000 individuals. They have also raised awareness through television and radio programs whenever possible. Funds to sustain their initiatives are raised through uplifting awareness events, such as a recent live music and dance concert, and an annual Darkness Into Light Walk, which is part of a global campaign.

In response to the pandemic, Walk and Talk adapted by creating interactive virtual walks to foster a sense of connection and offered online talks for participants to engage with afterward. The organization also collaborates with other non-governmental organizations, assisting with initiatives like Clean-Up organizations and Varcities projects, while also supporting local businesses by purchasing refreshments for attendees.

Rachael Hollwey, in addition to her work with Walk and Talk, released her book, “At War With My Mind,” during the pandemic. The book draws directly from her journals during her struggle with Anorexia and Depression, aiming to shed light on these illnesses and reduce the stigma surrounding them. It serves as a testament to the presence of hope even in the darkest of days. Currently, she is in the process of writing a second book about her physical condition, titled “At War With My Body.”



For the past two years, Jonathan has dedicated his efforts to supporting the mental health sector in advocating for the meaningful inclusion of service users in the treatment process. His involvement began when he was called upon to assist Malta’s participation in the nationwide initiative, Implemental. Within this initiative, he played a pivotal role in work package 5, focusing on mental health within the community.

Jonathan’s contributions extended to speaking engagements at conferences, spanning both national and European platforms. He also took the initiative to establish focus groups comprising service users, facilitating the collection of valuable feedback. Drawing from his own lived experience, Jonathan provided invaluable insights to further enhance the quality of mental health services.

Jonathan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics, having previously obtained degrees in both Mathematics and Physics. Drawing from his personal experience as a former mental health service user, he was invited to contribute to the advocacy for greater inclusion of service users within the mental health sector.


For those who have adopted sustainable practices relating to efficiency in use of water, waste, packaging, transport, and energy, contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint by means of these and other innovative solutions.


Sponsored by: JPA


Mark, as part of Rota, is a staunch advocate for cyclists of all demographics in Malta. Whether they are parents, students, pensioners, athletes, workers, employers, commuters, or children, Mark and Rota work tirelessly to champion their interests. They actively push the government to fulfill its responsibilities towards all road users and put forward constructive solutions to guide their efforts. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to embrace cycling as a practical mode of transportation. Mark firmly believes that given Malta’s compact size, cycling is a highly viable means of travel, and it plays a crucial role in preserving and revitalizing the island’s natural environment.

From a young age, Mark has demonstrated a keen curiosity about the natural world, often immersing himself in nature documentaries on television. Known for his methodical approach and commitment to efficiency, Mark’s pursuits in life encompass reading, nature photography, and marathon running. Recently, he accomplished a Master of Arts in Wildlife Documentary Production at the University of Salford in Manchester. Driven by a desire to create meaningful impact, Mark is dedicated to continuing his work in storytelling, aiming to share narratives that drive positive change.


Luke Said, an environmentalist and dedicated activist, is known for his unwavering determination in the face of challenges. Leading a capable team at Nadur Nadif, he has successfully orchestrated a weekly clean-up effort over the past three years, in addition to numerous other events. Luke’s commitment extends to his work with the NGO ghawdix, where he grapples with the formidable task of combating overdevelopment in Gozo. Each week, he diligently compiles a report, outlining objections to planning applications that deviate from established policy. This steadfast dedication showcases Luke’s enduring passion for preserving and safeguarding the environment.

Luke Said, a 20-year-old Geoscience and Physics student hailing from Gozo, has dedicated the past three years to tireless efforts in environmental conservation and protection. Serving as the environmental officer for the science student society for over a year, Luke has been instrumental in the stewardship of Nadur Nadif during this time. Additionally, he generously volunteers his time for the NGO Ghawdix. Despite the demands of his commitments, Luke views his work in environmental protection and conservation as not only a valuable endeavour, but also a source of personal fulfilment.



Maria played a crucial role in the successful crowdfunding campaign that raised 30,000 euros for the restoration of Comino bakery in 2023. This ambitious project is focused on transforming the historic bakery into a sustainability hub and environmental education centre, with the ultimate goal of preserving both the building itself and the surrounding natural landscape.

Since March 2018, Maria has been an active member of Friends of the Earth Malta, contributing her time and expertise as both a volunteer and staff member. Her contributions have been extensive, ranging from conducting interviews for the organization’s newsletter and other publications to aiding in the management of social media platforms and outreach efforts. Maria’s dedication to environmental causes and her valuable contributions to Friends of the Earth Malta highlight her commitment to creating positive change in her community.

Personal Achievement and/or Accomplishment

For those who, through their personal achievements, have made an impact in the way of public awareness, democracy, sustainability, human rights, environmental protection, social justice, and/or equality.


Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


Emma’s writing is deeply rooted in her personal experiences, offering a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Her work serves as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals from pain towards healing and growth. Through her writing, Emma has successfully shed light on sensitive topics such as sexual assault and trauma, sparking important conversations and raising awareness. Her efforts extend beyond personal expression; Emma’s work serves as a platform for community outreach, inspiring others, and advocating for meaningful change. Her dedication to this cause is evident in her ongoing commitment to creating impactful work. The recognition of her nomination serves as a testament to the significant impact she has made, a recognition that she humbly accepts, having never anticipated such acknowledgment for work that emanates from a place of genuine care and a belief in the potential to help others.



Dr. Nicole Borg is the driving force behind Mental Health of Medics, the only organization in Malta dedicated to the mental well-being of medical professionals. Operating almost entirely under her voluntary efforts and self-funding, she runs projects aimed at shedding light on the mental health challenges faced by physicians and medical students.


Through the organization’s social media profiles, Dr. Borg shares pertinent facts, statistics, and personal stories related to the mental health journeys of medical professionals. This initiative not only provides a sense of solidarity for those in the field but also facilitates their access to the appropriate support they may need. Recognizing that the mental health of medical professionals is often overlooked due to the perception of their invincibility, Dr. Borg endeavours to shift this narrative and remind the public that even those who are caregivers sometimes require care themselves.

In September of 2023, Dr. Borg, along with her surgeon colleague Ms. Marija Agius Spiteri, embarked on a challenging trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, reaching an altitude of 5364m. Over the course of 12 days and a journey spanning more than 130km, they raised awareness for mental health issues faced by medical professionals. Each day of the trek focused on a different aspect of mental health, drawing from personal experiences to highlight topics like anxiety, burnout, and suicide.

Additionally, Mental Health of Medics organizes events and group sessions for doctors and medical students. These sessions cover crucial topics such as self-care, seeking help, and the transition from medical student to doctor. Dr. Borg also advocates for improved working conditions, advocating for measures like the abolition of 32-hour shifts, the provision of adequate rest facilities, and ensuring proper staff support and debriefing. Through initiatives like podcasts, such as The She World and Jon Mallia, Dr. Borg amplifies her advocacy efforts for the betterment of mental health in the medical community.

Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs

For those active at a political level in their communities, whether as part of the government, on a local council or affiliated with a political or pressure group actively working towards any SDG.

 Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


As one of Malta’s Youth Delegates to the United Nations, Cara has been engaged with global issues and representing the interests and perspectives of Maltese youth on the international stage. This role has afforded her the opportunity to contribute to discussions on critical global matters, promoting diplomacy and cooperation, while also learning from the collective wisdom of the international community.

In addition to her UN role, Cara served as the President of St. Aloysius College Sixth Form’s Green Council, where she dedicated time and effort to researching and educating her peers on environmentally conscious actions. She also attended the Youth and Climate Action Conference in conjunction with COP26, organized by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs on behalf of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ in 2021. As the Maltese Changemaker for the European Youth Card Association’s Morein24 campaign, representing Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, she has been actively involved in raising voting awareness for the 2024 EU Parliamentary elections, advocating for youth engagement and responsible voting in the democratic process.

Her dedication to these causes extends internationally. As the 2022 Maltese Fellow for the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship at Purdue University in the USA, Cara gained invaluable insights into international perspectives on political and social issues.

Participation in programs like the Erasmus+ Climate Change Youth Exchange in Turkey and the European Commission Mission in Angers, France, has broadened Cara’s understanding of active citizenship and the moral imperative of striving for sustainable progress.

Cara’s involvement in the EU Solidarity Project with Swieqi Local Council in Hungary, and her receipt of the Women2Women Virtual University Scholarship in 2021, have further deepened her comprehension of gender equality, cultural exchange, multilateral foreign policy, and decision-making.

She has represented Malta at the Model European Parliament, serving as both a Delegate and Committee President. These experiences have honed her transferable skills and solidified her commitment to advocating for positive change.


Julian has authored numerous articles addressing critical social and economic issues on both local and international platforms. Many of these pieces have directly influenced the topics they covered.

One of Julian’s most notable achievements was his leadership role in a year-long cross-border investigation, funded by His team was selected as one of the final 15 out of a pool of 39 journalists and media outlets worldwide, a testament to their outstanding work in a highly competitive field supported by Journalism Fund.

Their investigation centred around Palumbo Shipyard and its international partnership with MSC Cruises. The findings, published in various outlets in Malta and Switzerland, garnered widespread acclaim, being lauded as the most comprehensive investigative piece ever produced about the dockyard and the cruise industry in Malta.

Julian is a freelance journalist based in Malta, with a diverse portfolio of published work in reputable outlets such as Times of Malta, The Shift News, Lovin Malta, Politico Europe, REFLEKT, and Das Magazin. Recently, he officially launched his own online platform, The Critical Angle project (, with backing from organizations like Repubblika, Occupy Justice Malta, and the Daphne Foundation.

Through his platform, Julian now conducts his own investigative reporting, with a primary focus on issues related to organized crime, corruption, as well as environmental and humanitarian concerns. The Critical Angle project boasts a comprehensive data library comprising over 1,600 news articles, official reports, and pertinent information that chronicle major corruption scandals of the past decade.

Furthermore, Julian has been an active participant in civil society activism since 2016, notably as a member of Moviment Graffitti.

Scientific and/or Technological Development

An award recognising individuals who have created some form of technology or application to achieve objectives related to nutrition, sustainability, inclusion, education, and equality.


Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


Dr. Dylan Attard is dedicated to nurturing a thriving local med-tech and digital health industry, a mission he pursues through the Malta Med-Tech World Summit. His vision encompasses the development of a larger and more resilient local med-tech sector, with a focus on ensuring its long-term sustainability and growth. In addition, he aspires to extend Med-Tech’s global footprint by orchestrating a series of roadshow events worldwide. These initiatives are aimed at forging deeper connections between startups and a wider network of potential investors and partners, thereby propelling the industry to new heights.

Dr. Dylan Attard, a surgical trainee by background, now spearheads the Med-Tech World Summit. Transitioning from a career in surgery to entrepreneurship in the MedTech field, the 30-year-old serves as the CEO of the Med-Tech World Summit, driven by a threefold mission.

Firstly, the summit endeavours to position Malta as a burgeoning centre for med-tech innovation. Secondly, it is committed to forging connections between startups and potential investors, thereby fostering their growth. Lastly, it is dedicated to the establishment of sustainable med-tech enterprises, offering support in the process of selling their solutions to hospitals and clinics.



Dr. Francesca Busuttil earned her MPharm from the University of Malta in 2014, followed by an MSc in Neuroscience from King’s College London in 2015 and a PhD in Regenerative Medicine from University College London in 2019. After working in scientific publishing in the UK, notable at the renowned Lancet family of journals, she returned to Malta in 2022. Dr. Busuttil is now a researcher on the MED-WET project at MCAST, a lecturer in biochemistry and microbiology, and the Science Officer at the Malta Chamber of Scientists.

The MED-WET project, that stands for Improving Mediterranean irrigation and Water supply for smallholder farmers by providing Efficient, low-cost and nature-based Technologies and practices’ is an ambitious initiative that takes a holistic approach to tackle multifaceted challenges. With a focus on enhancing irrigation efficiency and increasing freshwater availability, the project leverages three innovative, low-cost solutions: the “SLECI” technology, a clay-based, self-regulating subsurface irrigation technique; a solar desalination greenhouse for reclaiming freshwater from saline and low-grade water; and the use of productive constructed wetlands for wastewater reuse and transformation into reclaimed irrigation water. The project’s international consortium, which includes institutions across Egypt, Morocco, Portugal, Malta, and Germany, showcases collaboration and knowledge-sharing on an international scale. Supported by the European Union’s PRIMA Programme, MED-WET is a groundbreaking effort that not only develops new irrigation technologies but equips smallholder farmers with the skills to use them efficiently, ultimately enhancing food and water security while promoting sustainable agricultural practices in the Mediterranean region.

The 2023 JCI Malta Positive Change Award Nominees

Most Outstanding Iniative by an NGO

This award looks to celebrate NGOs who strive make a positive change in society through initiatives that make a difference. This initiative should be innovative, sustainable and aims to create awareness of issues in our communities. 

Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


In 2023 Fidem launched a new educational programme called the ‘Skill Up Programme’

specifically designed to help women bridge the education gap and give them a definitive first push towards self-improvement.

Thanks to the generous support of Atlas Insurance Community Involvement Fund, Fidem created a 12-month course in English, computer literacy and basic life skills leading to MQF Level 3 Certificate (equivalent to an O’Level). The course includes soft skills such as cooking, mindfulness, yoga, dance, and self-defence as well as 12 sessions of drama.

Participants will receive an official certificate upon completion of the course during a formal graduation ceremony.

The course is free and Fidem will also provide free transport to/from the training centre and free childcare on site.


The Malta Football Players Association (MFPA) emphasizes its commitment to advancing women’s football as a primary mission for the upcoming four years. The Association firmly believes in the substantial potential for success within local women’s football, with several Maltese players already demonstrating noteworthy accomplishments on an international scale.

Recently, MFPA successfully concluded negotiations for a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) pertaining to the Women’s National Team. This development signifies a significant step forward, as it ensures improved conditions and well-deserved recognition for the team, particularly in light of their recent impressive string of victories. Further details regarding these positive strides can be found at;


Junior Achievement Malta takes pride in its commitment to cultivating crucial financial literacy skills. The organization’s portfolio of programmes stands as a testament to this dedication, showcasing a track record that speaks volumes. The Future Skills High Impact Project (FS HIP) initiative submitted for this award, has directly benefited over 6000 individuals. These are not mere statistics for us; they represent individuals who have gained critical life skills, emerging as more financially conscious and responsible citizens.

The impact of FS HIP on the diverse demographics it reached cannot be overstated. Many participants entered the project with little to no knowledge of financial literacy, lacking the fundamental skills needed to responsibly manage their money. Through tailored content and dedicated sessions, FS HIP not only imparted essential financial knowledge but also instilled a sense of responsibility in these individuals.


By addressing a gap often overlooked in society, FS HIP empowered students, employees, the elderly, the unemployed, marginalized communities, migrants, ex-prisoners, and ex-drug addicts to become more informed and accountable citizens. This newfound financial literacy has undoubtedly transformed lives, enabling participants to make more informed decisions about their personal finances, thereby contributing to their overall well-being and societal progress. It is also crucial to highlight that the content and deliverables were tailored to suit the specific audience in each session, ensuring that the information was effectively received.

The efforts did not stop there as the project directly engaged organizations and corporations through their human resources departments, enabling them to channel these newfound skills to their teams. This ripple effect is instrumental in upskilling employees and drives a direct, positive impact on organizational productivity.

JA has recognized that the impact it aimed to achieve would have a ripple effect. This means that as individuals gained greater financial literacy and responsibility, it would not only benefit them personally, but also extend to how they manage their family’s finances, approach work, and make spending decisions. Consequently, the broader community would also experience the positive effects of this newfound financial empowerment.

Further, the educational initiative covered subjects such as money management and financial literacy skills. It placed a special emphasis on decision-making, cognitive biases, practical budgeting advice, and tools, as well as pension planning. This was always contextualized within a person’s financial life stage and their individual life decisions.

Ultimately, JA will always ensure that with every initiative and programme implemented, it breaks the taboo surrounding financial matters, and raises awareness about the importance of informed financial decisions and empower individuals to take control of their financial futures.


The aim of this photographic exhibition was to break the perception that certain professions are stereotyped based on gender, orientation, physical appearance and stature, spiritual/ religious beliefs, race and ethnic origin, socioeconomic background and more. MFPA wanted to show that where there is vocation towards a specific profession, no individual should feel that it is not the right profession for them simply because of some stereotype that society might have attached to that profession.

This exhibition featured how local professionals have broken a believed stereotype in their respective profession. Individuals who help others with mental health difficulties, are not precluded from suffering mental health difficulties themselves. A physical disability does not mean that one cannot practice the profession they love or studied for. Being a male does not mean that you cannot embrace a healthcare profession addressing children. Having tattoos certainly does not mean that you cannot be a professional. Females should definitely not feel precluded from pursuing a profession which is typically predominantly pursued by males.

MFPA chose to portray this exhibition during EuroPride 2023 to further show its belief in the importance of inclusion and diversity. Despite the advances made in the country, there is still a lot of stigma and stereotypes on several fronts. The organization strongly believes that a healthy and strong society requires people who love their profession/occupation and own their job because they want to be in it, and not because they have been forced into a career. Only then can they be of better service to society.

Best Social Initiative by a Business

This award looks to celebrate Businesses that undertake initiatives to support social causes and to fulfill commitments to corporate social responsibility. 


Sponsored by: HSBC Malta Foundation


MtiPX introduces SHUKRAN, an innovative approach to fostering inclusivity and enhancing overall well-being in the workplace. The program offers a comprehensive framework that encompasses workplace space design, workplace strategies, and workplace systems. These three layers incorporate fundamental well-being and inclusion Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), establishing a universal benchmark for the involved Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


A distinctive aspect of this initiative lies in its emphasis on promoting inclusion through gratitude and inclusion-based strategies. Rather than focusing on highlighting differences or minority groups, the project advocates for embracing gratitude and spreading appreciation throughout the workplace. One of the notable benefits for employees is the direct reward system, providing them with the opportunity to experience eco-products from various international providers who are part of the platform.

Through this project, CEOs gain access to insightful AI-generated infographics that offer swift assessments based on the communication systems within their respective SMEs. Joining the initiative involves adhering to a stringent set of criteria. This endeavour is poised to assist numerous enterprises in digitizing their operations and cultivating sustainable, inclusive business models.

Zaar Crowdfunding Malta

The Birthday Crowdfunding Campaigns are directly aligned with positive change as they allow the general public to raise funds for their favourite charity or voluntary organisation as part of their birthday celebrations. This means that any and all voluntary organisations can benefit from this project!

Through this project, the individual asks their family and friends to donate money to their crowdfunding campaign in aid of their chosen philanthropic organisation. As a result of this, the voluntary organisation is receiving funds that they need to continue their worthy work in the community while also benefiting from promotion about their work through the crowdfunding campaign.

Through this project, local registered philanthropic organisations have a new fundraising avenue that is legitimate, accountable, and transparent, via a trustworthy and established platform. This encourages more people to donate as they know that the money will be transferred through the appropriate channels and to the correct final destination.

Moreover, if people believe in the work that the voluntary organisation is doing, they could move on to become repeat donors or even volunteer for the organisation, thanks to the campaigns.

The satisfaction from helping others is a wonderful gift to give (even to oneself) and the Birthday Crowdfunding Campaigns promote altruism and generosity from the start to finish.


The “move4meals” project is a charitable initiative aimed at raising funds to provide meals for those in need, with the Soup Kitchen OFM Valletta being the beneficiary. The project involves the passion and physical endeavours of Mr. Stephen Sammut Nurminen, a marathon runner, as a means of raising awareness and funds for the cause. His commitment to running marathons serves as a symbolic and practical way to generate donations.

On the other hand, Garnish, plays a crucial role in the logistics and sourcing of meals. By partnering with its catering contacts, Garnish was not only able to sponsor part of the meal costs but also able to leverage its industry connections to provide the necessary meals for the soup kitchen. The collaboration between Mr. Stephen Sammut Nurminen and Garnish represents a unique and effective partnership that utilises our respective strengths – physical endurance and catering industry connections – to support the Soup Kitchen in feeding the ones in need.

The 2023 JCI Malta TOYP Awards Categories

Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment

This award serves as a nod to the outstanding efforts of individuals and organisations contributing towards education, by developing means to improve the current educational system.

Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment

This award promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth by rewarding significant entrepreneurial actions, both on a local and international level.


For those who have adopted sustainable practices relating to efficiency in use of water, waste, packaging, transport, and energy, contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint by means of these and other innovative solutions.

Contribution to World Peace and/or Human Rights

This award recognises individuals who are using leadership skills to strive for the end of poverty, hunger, and other inhumane conditions for a more peaceful future.


Cultural Achievement

This award calls all visual and performing artists whose practice brings about a social consciousness, by means of their subject matter or materials.


Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

This award recognizes those who promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels

Personal Achievement and/or Accomplishment

For those who, through their personal achievements, have made an impact in the way of public awareness, democracy, sustainability, human rights, environmental protection, social justice, and/or equality.

Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs

For those active at a political level in their communities, whether as part of the government, on a local council or affiliated with a political or pressure group actively working towards any SDG.

Scientific and/or Technological Development

An award recognising individuals who have created some form of technology or application to achieve objectives related to nutrition, sustainability, inclusion, education, and equality.

The 2023 JCI Malta Positive Change Award Categories

MOST OUTSTANDING initiative by an NGO

This award looks to celebrate NGOs who strive make a positive change in society through initiatives that make a difference. This initiative should be innovative, sustainable and aims to create awareness of issues in our communities. 

Best Social Initiative by a business

This award looks to celebrate Businesses that undertake initiatives to support social causes and to fulfill commitments to corporate social responsibility. 

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TOYP Awards

What are the JCI TOYP Awards?

Since 1983, JCI has honoured over 300 individuals from 57 nations. Past recipients of national TOYP awards include personalities such as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Presley, Jackie Chan, Wayne Gretzky and many more – all honoured before the age of 40 and before they had achieved national prominence. Honorees selected in past years have represented the heights of progress in numerous human endeavours. Many have gone on to even greater achievements. All have continued to serve humanity and create impact in a great variety of ways.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 are nominated in one of ten categories. The top ten honorees have been selected by an international panel of distinguished judges. The 10 chosen local honorees will be nominated for the international JCI TOYP Awards with the chance of being recognised as one of the most outstanding young people in the world.

All JCI Malta TOYP nominees are recognised at the annual JCI Malta Gala Awards Night – a highlight of the JCI Malta events calendar – during a three-course meal in the presence of JCI Malta members, partners, sponsors, family and friends. 

Tickets for the JCI Malta Gala Awards Night will be available closer to the date of the event.