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JCI Malta

Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) Awards

Outstanding young people that work hard for the betterment of their societies deserve every drop of recognition. For this reason, JCI Malta will be running the Ten Outstanding Young People of Malta (TOYP) Awards whereby it will aim to celebrate young people working in all sectors of society.

Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards
Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards

TOYP Award Sponsors

APS Bank
NDC Media
Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards
Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards

Awards History

About TOYP

Since 1983, JCI has honored more than 300 individuals from 57 nations. Past recipients of national TOYP awards include such well-known personalities such as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Presley, Jackie Chan, Wayne Gretzky and many more, all honoured before the age of 40 and before they had achieved national prominence. Honourees selected in past years have represented the heights of progress in numerous human endeavours. Many have gone on to even greater achievements. All have continued to serve humanity and create impact in a great variety of ways.

Young men and women between the ages of 18 and 40 may be nominated in one of ten categories. The top ten honourees are selected each by an international panel of distinguished judges. Up to ten honourees will be selected from all nominations received, regardless of category entered. The 10 chosen local honourees will then be nominated for the JCI TOYP with the chance of becoming one of the most outstanding young people in the world later on during a ceremony in Yokohama Japan.


TOYP Awards Malta

2020 TOYP Award Winners

dr andre xuereb - Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment Award

This award serves as a nod to the outstanding efforts of individuals and organisations contributing towards education, by developing means to improve the current educational system.

Sponsor: BRND WGN

Jon Grima - Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Award

This award is promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth by rewarding significant entrepreneurial actions, both on a local and international level.

Sponsor: Corporate Gifts Malta

Alexia Rossi - Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights award

This award recognises those individuals using leadership skills to end poverty, hunger, and other inhumane conditions in order to lead to a more peaceful future. The award also recognises individuals who have greatly contributed to the bettering of the lives of the world’s future, our children.

Sponsor: Global Mindset Development – GMD Malta

alexander vella gregory - Cultural Achievement award

This award calls all visual and performing artists whose practice brings about a social consciousness, by means of their subject matter or materials.

Sponsor: NDC Media

rafel sammut - Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership award

This award recognizes those who promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

Sponsor: APS Bank 

mark anthony azzopardi - Medical Innovation award

This award looks to celebrate individuals who create activities, strategies, products and services that empower communities’ and individuals’ health as well as improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society through medicine.

Sponsor: ACT Advisory Services

Dr Melanie zammit burg - Moral and/or Environmental Leadership award

For those who have adopted sustainable practices relating to efficiency in use of water, waste, packaging, transport, and energy, contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint by means of these and other innovative solutions.

Sponsor: APS Bank

paul caruana galizia - Journalistic Accomplishment award

This award recognizes coverage by journalists, bloggers, and writers that, as a result of their work, have made an impact in the way of public awareness, democracy, sustainability, human rights, environmental protection, social justice, and equality.

Sponsor: JPA

James aaron ellul - Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs award

For those active at a political level in their communities, whether as part of the government, on a local council or affiliated with a political or pressure group actively working towards any SDG.

Sponsor: Fimbank

mary grace micallef - Scientific and/or Technological Development award

An award recognising individuals that have created some form of technology or application to achieve objectives related to nutrition, sustainability, inclusion, education, and equality.

Sponsor: Altaro Software

Ten Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Awards


TOYP Guidelines

  • Nominees must be between the ages of 18 and 40. 
  • The nominee must be a native-born or naturalised citizen of the nation from which the nomination originates, or must have applied for citizenship by January 1 of the preceding year.
  • Nominees need not be members of the organisation, as long as they meet the previous two requirements.
  • The nominee cannot be a current member of the International Board. In addition paid staff members will not be considered for the JCI TOYP program.
  • Nominees must be willing to promote the ideals of JCI for the year after winning the award.
  • Each nominee must be entered in one (1) of the ten (10) categories.


Sponsor a TOYP Category

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If so, send us an e-mail on [email protected] and we will send you all the information you need, as well as what’s in it for you!

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