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In 2020, JCI Malta launched a project called ‘Buy a Meal’, which supported local SMEs in the catering/hospitality industry during these unprecedented times, while also helping the more vulnerable in society.

The Buy a Meal project was aimed towards those people who want to help during the pandemic (and beyond) but might not know what they can do.

Do you want to know how the project ended and how we made an impact internationally? Read the Buy a Meal project summary in our blog post.


Buy a Meal
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Buy a Meal

Campaign ended

The 3rd of May 2020 was our last day of accepting donations. Our Buy a Meal team worked hard to distribute all meals and we’re have helped more than 150 people, delivering almost 400 meals per week from small businesses everywhere in Malta and Gozo.

Project Overview

How Does ‘Buy a Meal’ Work?

‘Buy a Meal’ is a straightforward and simple solution that, with as little as €10, helps local restaurants and vulnerable people in Malta.

Simply donate or choose how many meals you’d like to buy for vulnerable local people.

The meals will then be ordered from local restaurants at random and delivered to those who need it.

You can still donate to JCI Malta to help us get better equipment and focus on improving leadership skills:

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