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You Ask – MEPs Answer 2021 – Session 1


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Guest MEP for the session: Cyrus Engerer

These Q&A sessions’ primary objective is to shed light on what the life of a Member of the European Parliament looks like, both in parliament and now at their home office. Participants will get the chance to share their questions with the speakers to be answered live during the event. Unanswered questions will be summarised and replied to after the session. 

We want to encourage people to ask questions to the individuals who represent Malta within the European Parliament. Considering that MEPs are the ones who can strive for positive change within Europe as a whole, this series of activities will serve as a platform for youths to discuss topics that are important to our local community. 

This event is organised by JCI Malta in collaboration with the European Parliament Office in Malta and supported by JCI Malta will broadcast all six events virtually and viewers will experience being in the shoes of a politician. Speakers will join on separate sessions to encourage participants to grow a stronger passion for European engagement.

JCI Malta members and non-members can register for free. When registering, they will be notified every time a new session is coming and they are able to attend each one consecutively (rather than having to apply every time for every session). So essentially, it’s an opt out situation once someone registers once. 

All 6 MEPs will be hosting their own session: Cyrus Engerer, Roberta Metsola, David Casa, Josianne Cutajar, Alfred Sant and Alex Agius Saliba. Each session will be on a Wednesday at 6.30pm every week, starting at the end of April and finishing at the beginning of June); each session will be moderated by different JCI Malta members.

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You Ask – MEPs Answer 2021 – Session 1