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JCI Gozo is a Local Organisation affiliated to JCI Malta that is focused on giving leadership skills to young people living in Gozo, who are between the ages of 18 and 40. This is done through a variety of initiatives including skills based training, workshops engaging local and international trainers,  business networking, international conferences and academies as well as the opportunity to put your leadership to practice through organising your own projects and events with us.

International Movement

What is JCI all about?

Let’s start with why

Why do we want to establish JCI in Gozo?

We believe that young people residing in Gozo deserve to have all the opportunities to grow at arms reach, without the need to commute to Malta to get access to an organisation such as JCI!

Leadership opportunities

Accessible Networking opportunities

Community impact

Supporting businesses operating in Gozo

Accessibility of JCI and what it has to offer

Putting Gozo on the JCI international map

sounds like a plan

what official roles are available

local president

This person is responsible for the management of the Local Organisation JCI Gozo, reporting to the JCI Malta Board of Directors with respect to all matters concerning that Local Organisation. Specifically, this person will manage the Local Organisation, supervise and be responsible for the organisation of the Local Organisation’s activities and projects, and act as the link between the Local Organisation’s members and the Board of Directors. This person is also responsible of setting up a Local Organisation board. This person is responsible to ensure that the Local Organisation has an annual plan and sees through its execution together with the team. In so doing, they will endeavour to promote and organise events that offer members a balance between the four Areas of Opportunity. The Local President automatically sits on the National Board of JCI Malta.

memberships coordinator

This person is in charge of making sure that the membership experience within JCI Gozo is an optimal one, ensuring there’s proper onboarding of members as well as the eventual renewal of memberships. Responding directly to the Local President and the Director for Memberships & Growth, this person is responsible for ensuring that records of JCI Gozo members are always up to date. This person is the direct point of contact of people interested in joining the Local Organisation. The responsibility of ensuring that JCI Gozo members are getting return on their membership investment lies with this person. This person is also in charge of organising recruitment drives and member induction events.

training coordinator

This person is responsible for coordinating JCI Gozo training sessions and workshops, including JCI accredited courses such as JCI Discover (JCI Impact/JCI Achieve) and the JCI Facilitator for members interested in becoming JCI Accredited Trainers as well as members who want to learn more about JCI. Using the Train Your Brain programme as inspiration, this person needs to make sure that JCI Gozo is running training sessions and workshops that are relevant to members and paced enough throughout the year. This person directly responds to the Local President of JCI Gozo as well as the VP for Partnership & Training sitting on the JCI Malta National Board.

administration coordinator

This person is responsible for any administrative work of the Local Organisation starting from taking minutes during meetings, following up on deadlines of the Local Organisation goals, and ensuring that all the necessary reports and event record sheets are filled for the sake of organisational continuation. The Administration Coordinator is also responsible for taking care of finances for the Local Organisation. This person needs to ensure that there’s an income stream generated through events and membership dues to help sustain the organisation. They would respond directly to the Local President as well as the JCI Malta Administration Team within the National Board that is made up of the National President, Deputy President, Treasurer and Secretary General.

i want to be part of this, but…

i prefer not having an official role

No need to worry! You can still be part of this movement without having to take on an official role. How? By registering as a member! For only €59, you will get access to JCI Malta and JCI Gozo events all year round, with the majority of events being completely free for registered members. 

As soon as the local board for JCI Gozo is established, we will be opening up member registrations! In the meantime, you can register your interest in becoming a member by filling in this form. We will reach out to you as soon as we have more information about the membership!

you heard it first!

jci gozo is all about you!

In order to make sure that JCI Gozo is the right organisation for you, we want you to tell us what things you feel are lacking in Gozo for young people which JCI Gozo could cater for. Make sure to fill this form and help us make this Local Organisation an absolute success.

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