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JCI Malta Abridged Code of Conduct & Constitution
The following document highlights the main points that apply to members code of conduct within and while representing the organisation. It is a summary of the points found within the Code of Conduct (2019) and the latest version of the Constitution (last amended in 2020).
Code of Conduct & Ethics for JCI Malta
This document includes the full Code of Conduct and Ethics document for JCI Malta created and last updated in 2019.
JCI Malta Etiquette & Protocols Guidelines
This document highlights the important protocols National Board Members and Local Board Members, as well as members, need to follow when attending/organising JCI Malta and JCI La Valette, JCI de Rohan, and JCI Wignacourt events.
JCI Malta Constitution (as approved at the 2022 AGM)

The following document is the latest version of the constitute (statute) voted upon and signed during the 2022 Annual General Meeting.

2022 JCI Malta End-Of-year report

The following document gives a detailed recount of all that has been done in 2022 with the aims of sharing information and having a clear point of reference for future National Boards and JCI Malta members.

2022 Financial Accounts

The following document includes a detailed overview of the financial accounts of the year 2022. During the AGM, this document will be taken as read and will immediately go to a vote.

2022 Annual General Meeting Minutes (22nd october 2022)

This document holds the full Annual General Meeting minutes, from the latest meeting held on the 22nd October, 2022. 

2024: Nomination Form

The following form is to be submitted to the 2023 Interim Secretary General and the National President via an email sent to [email protected]. This form, together with a police conduct procured a maximum of 6 months prior to the Annual General Meeting date.

2023: Annual General Meeting Draft Agenda

This document includes the draft agenda that will be brought forward to discuss with members at the Annual General Meeting of 2023.

2023: Proposed Amendments to the JCI Malta Constitution

The following presentation outlines the various constitutional amendments being proposed for the 2023 AGM

Strategic committee recommendations document

The following document outlines in full the recommendations of the Strategic Committee established during the 2022 AGM in order to help the organisation grow and establish itself over the next 4 years.

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