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1 January 2022


Happy New Year to all! As we set foot into 2022, there’s no doubt that we’re carrying a lot of 2021 baggage along with us, not least of which is the Covid-19 pandemic that has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Although the pandemic has battered us physically and psychologically, it has also shown just how resilient and adaptable people can be. It has shown us the need to have others in our lives and the importance of recognising everyone’s contribution – whether through a child’s picture of a rainbow, a round of applause by neighbours, or (and perhaps most importantly) by understanding the importance of getting vaccinated to keep not only ourselves, but also the vulnerable ones who are unable to get vaccinated, safe.

We’re living in a world that desperately needs honest leadership; guidance that is based on good values and strong morals. It is part of our civic responsibility to elect to office those people who offer this leadership package; however, it is also up to us to provide leadership based on these foundations. While it may not be leadership on a global, national or regional level, we are all in a position where we can be leaders and offer guidance and support – to our children, our colleagues, our friends, and anyone who may need a guiding hand. In turn, it is also important to allow ourselves to be led and to embrace help and support where it is needed and offered.

Every year, the National President chooses a theme or motto that they would like their year to represent, and as National President for 2022, my chosen theme is Reconnecting Leaders. I chose this because the pandemic created a lot of divide, especially physically, where people missed out on moments with family and friends, students and colleagues missed out on forming friendships, and we all became faces in digital boxes for far too long. It’s time to reconnect with each other and to discover our leadership potential within ourselves as we enter another year that is marred with Covid-19, but that we can hopefully overcome together through goodwill and common sense for the benefit of society.

With 365 days ahead of us, together with my 2022 team, I would like to wish you all a healthy and prosperous year and may each day hold moments of kindness, generosity, learning, and laughter.

JCI Malta 2022 National Board
JCI Malta 2022 National Board

Giselle Borg Olivier
JCI Malta 2022 National President



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