JCI Malta, is affiliated to JCI (Junior Chamber International) a worldwide community of young active citizens who are committed to create positive change in more than 100 countries.

JCI has an international network of more than 200,000 members present in more than 5000 local organisations world wide.

JCI Malta is a membership based organisation for young people between the age of 18 and 40 years of age.

100 Years Logo-ENIn 2015, we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the JCI Movement – 100 years of Impact!

We meet, learn and grow on local, national and international levels to exchange ideas and share best practices while developing an ever-growing network.


As from January 2015, the Individual membership fees are:

  • €35 for a New Membership or Renewal
  • €20 for a  Full Time Student Membership

Corporate Memberships are also available.

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Individual Membership Benefits

If you are a person who wants to develop your skills while giving something back to the community, JCI Malta can provide the following environment:

  • a place to meet new people both locally and internationally
  • helping you to learn how to deal with different situations
  • be able to develop your skills to work independently or as a member of a broader team
  • be able to learn how to plan and execute a project, event or activity
  • learn to become more active than being reactive
  • be able to communicate better both at an individual and public level

Corporate Membership Benefits

If you are an employer and you wish that your employees further develop themselves on a personal, social and business level, JCI Malta can provide the following environment:

  • a place to meet new people
  • to work with different personalities
  • to deal with different situations
  • to learn to collaborate with others
  • to be motivated to take initiatives
  • to become more active than passive
  • to learn on project planning
  • to learn to communicate better, both as public speaking as well with others