Business & Entrepreneurship

Most members of JCI Malta are young professionals. In this area of opportunity JCI Malta focuses a lot on assisting its members to become better networkers, to provide them with business related opportunities and to expose them on topics related to business in general.

By working with our corporate partners, JCI Malta today has a number of flagship projects which provide unique opportunities to its members. These include:

The JCI Best Business Plan Competition (BBP) which awards and showcases young entrepreneurs and their ideas as they create positive change through local commerce. It is a tool to aid young upcoming entrepreneurs as to the way forward from the idea inception stage.

The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA) aimed at discovering, learning from and honouring creative young entrepreneurs inMalta. The winner enters into the chance to be awarded as the World Creative Young Entrepreneur by JCI.

The JCI Business Networking Event (BNE) provides participants with a platform to build new business contacts and networks in one evening. Participants will be able to meet a large number of entrepreneurs and business professionals in less than two hours. The goal of the BNE is to introduce the Local SME’s to the community and provide attendees with a number of viable business contacts, while giving the opportunity to all those participating to foster new business-to-business relationships between businesses of all types.

These projects, together ad hoc networking events, training and partnerships give the JCI Malta member tools which enable him/her to grow professionally be better prepared to the world of business.