31 July 2019


Arts and culture are vital to every community, and that is why JCI Wignacourt felt the need to work on the project #TrueValueOfCulture to give local artist the chance to voice their concerns on the industry they operate in.

Project Overview

JCI Malta believes in the addition of the Cultural Value to the Economic Value in Civil Society through adequate compensation for Artists. This project revolved around gifting the Cultural Value to the Economic Value in Civil Society. JCI Malta believed in safeguarding adequate compensation for Artists. Artists include Writers, Singers, Musicians, Dancers and any other profession or passion with an artistic inclination. The discussion is a continuation to corroborate upon the proposal of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market 2016/0280(COD), also known as the EU Copyright Directive and other proposals, projects and initiatives spread cross various countries.

A discussion event took place on Thursday 11th April 2019 at Cafe Society in Valletta whereby a number of artists have attended and have enthusiastically contributed to the discussion which was led by JCI Malta with the participation by invitation and contribution of four professional artists namely the professional pianist Gisele Grima, the professional
dancer Florinda Camilleri, singer-songwriter Dario Genovese and fashion designer Gabrielle Fenech.



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