RE-UNITED: MDH Pet Cabin Project

UPDATE: 07th March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.04.22 PMIn less than 2 weeks, JCI Malta and Survivors Malta managed to raise the incredible sum of EUR14,300. That is 110% of the target amount.

The support poured in with €2500 individual donations raised + €2000 pledged by Vivien’s Wish Charity Shop yesterday + €500 donation pledged by Attard Brothers (BIG MAT) to be collected this week + €4500 pledged by Nestle Purina + Parliamentary Secretary for Health’s pledge to top up our funds.

The €13000 target was initially for the building of the structure. Further monies raised and collected will be used for furnishing the Cabin, Maintenance, Other pet related initiatives to be held at the Cabin, planned exhibitions highlighting the benefits of Pet Therapy and any other expenses that may arise from the Project.

Sarah Cachia, founder of Survivors Malta added:

‘Thank you also to Moira Palmier, Francesca Fenech Conti and to Mark Thorogood for allowing me to ‘spread the word’ about our project in the past on the Salott, Women4Women and Rubs Puppy Love.
Thank you to Clayton Mercieca President of JCI and his amazing members (one of them being my son Jacob) for believing in us and taking the project on full force and to Karl Grech and his team at for allowing us to use their crowd funding platform successfully to gather the funds.
The crowd funding platform will stay open as will the IBAN account to deposit excess funds and for further funds raised thereafter and JCI will still accept cheque payments to feed into the account.
I have started up a REUNITED PET CABIN page on Facebook whereby people can stay updated regarding the progress of the building of the Reunited Pet Cabin and other updates related to the project plus planned future pet related initiatives at the Cabin.
If you wish to contribute to our project all donation payment details and updates will be displayed on our page. Just click on the link and LIKE

Thank you all for believing in us. In just over a week we have made the impossible possible. Feel proud in knowing that you have all helped to create that ray of sunshine on a rainy day for the hundreds of families facing trauma.
On behalf of Survivors Malta and from the heart of a mother THANK YOU with all my heart”

Survivors and JCI Malta AllianceSuvivors Malta in collaboration with JCI Malta are launching a crowdfunding campaign to set-up a Pet Visitation Cabin on the grounds of Mater Dei Hospital.

A press conference will be held on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at 12pm at MDH reception area. CEO of MDH Ivan Falzon, Survivors Malta founder Sarah Cachia and JCI Malta President Clayton Mercieca will address this conference. 

Pet Cabin Logo2The pet-cabin will be called ‘Reunited MDH Pet Cabin’ and is the brainchild of Sarah Cachia, the mother of Jacob who at the age of 15 had undergone a series of medical interventions whilst fighting for his life. During his 5 months in hospital, Jacob missed not seeing their pet dog ‘Peanut’ and after several negotiations, Sarah managed to get permission for Jacob to see Peanut. This reunion brought a smile to Jacob after so many months and helped in his recovery process.

From this event, the idea of the pet cabin was conceived and is aimed at providing a safe, comfortable and secluded space within Mater Dei Hospital to allow hospitalized dog-owners spend time with their beloved dog.

The total cost of such a cabin is estimated to amount to around €12,000. The campaigners are targeting to collect €13,000 within 6 months via ZAAR, Malta’s crowd-funding platform to cover for the costs of any promotional signage (link:

JCI Malta, a registered NGO of young active citizens of whose Jacob is a member, will be supporting this campaign in collecting funds and promoting the campaign ith the support of The Concept Stadium.


If you want to donate to the campaign by Bank Transfer, please use the following bank details:

IBAN: MT35MMEB44118000000011076692052

Swift Code: MMEBMTMT
Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC
Country: Malta

Name of Beneficiary: JCI Malta
Payment Reference: [Donor’s Name]