Pushing Boundaries

  • Oct 22
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JCI Malta is proud to announce it has been granted Erasmus+ Funds and will be hosting a project entitled Pushing Boundaries, which will be discussing Discrimination particularly in relation to refugees. The Project will be held in Malta and will be hosting delegates from 5 JCI Countries: Syria, Jordan, UK, Estonia and Malta.

This training will be defining what direct and indirect discrimination is and will specifically focus on discrimination towards refugees. This ultimately has the aim of decreasing social exclusion. One of the main learning outcomes of this training is ‘new awareness’ on how JCI should better cater for young people with fewer opportunities and be more inclusive.

The main learning outcomes foreseen for this project are:

  • Participants will understand better what is discrimination; both direct and indirect
  • Participants will learn how to contribute to the quality and quantity of inclusion projects within the Erasmus+ programme
  • Participants will obtain a common vision and commitment to providing more inclusive opportunities to young people with fewer opportunities; especially refugees by listening to real-life experiences

  • Participants will learn about the Inclusion strategy and how they can apply its principles within JCI

  • Participants will learn how to facilitate and increase the access youth workers working with young people with fewer opportunities to develop and implement “inclusion projects” within the JCI networks.

This training course will be based on non-formal methods of education. For the implementation of this project, the trainers will use different methodologies such as: case studies, simulations, discussions, world cafe, living libraries and visits to NGOs amongst others. Apart from that, the trainers will also apply youth pass methodologies for reflection of the learning outcomes.


Interested in being part of this project?

JCI Malta is currently looking for Maltese Participants. All delegates attending will be sponsored, however, spaces are limited!

If you’re ready to join in this event happening between the 22nd-28th October, or you want to learn more about what will be happening, send us an e-mail on

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