Pitch 101

  • Sep 09
  • 09:00
  • Agenzija Zghazagh, St Joseph High Road, Santa Venera

How many times have we heard about the importance to know how to sell yourself? And how many more times have we read about the need to master public speaking because it can save the day?

The key to both selling yourself or your idea and the art of public speaking comes together into the creation of the perfect pitch. Mastering the perfect pitch is not only an art but it is a skill that can be developed through active learning and practice.

As part of our Art of Oration Series, we will take you on the journey to decode the elevator pitch essentials, from the overview idea to the choice of words, a tone of voice, use of humour, to the preciseness to get a conversation started and grab the right attention at the right time.

We will explore the 9 C’s of an elevator pitch, dissect examples from great speakers and write down and practice your own elevator pitch through a series of fun exercises. Whether you’re a job seeker or an entrepreneur, a salesperson or product champion, a project manager or a teacher, you require the skills to be always ready to pitch.

This event is part of a series of workshops on public speaking, debating, and pitching skills supported by Agenzija Zghazagh Be Active Funds.

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