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Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention

National Convention

2020 National Convention: Leaders of Tomorrow

JCI Malta’s National Convention 2020 has the theme “Leaders of Tomorrow”. Highlights will be training opportunities and workshops led by local and international trainers, and a gala dinner which will host the 2020 TOYP Awards and Members Awards.

Days Long




Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention
Why Leadership?

As an organisation, Junior Chamber International has a leadership focus. That means it offers a safe space where people between the ages of 18 and 40 can develop into leaders and be agents of positive change.

As an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with presence in more than 115 countries, JCI has an important role to play around the globe.

The JCI Malta National Convention will enable organisations and volunteers to share their talents and celebrate fresh ideas, new perspectives, and the adaptability needed for people to create action-oriented solutions to the challenges in our communities.

Convention Overview

What Should You Expect?

JCI Malta will be hosting trainings all centred around leadership styles and skills. The trainings will be led by both local and international trainers.

The National Convention will start off with JCI Malta’s Annual General Meeting looking back at the work done in 2020 and the plans for 2021.

The National Convention will end with a Gala Dinner on the 19th September. The Gala Dinner will host the Ten Most Outstanding Young People’s Awards as well as the JCI Malta Members Awards.

Training Opportunities

JCI Facilitator

Following the National Convention, JCI Malta will also be organising the JCI Facilitator training in Malta. This will be led by JCI Germany trainer Ivo Haesse, who has an extensive experience as a trainer. This training will be open to all those JCI Malta members and international JCI Members who want to become spectacular JCI trainers.
Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention
Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention

TOYP Awards

Ten Outstanding Young Person Awards

For decades, Junior Chamber International (JCI) has been recognising individuals from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 40 for their outstanding contribution towards the betterment of society through the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards program.

The 10 winners in Malta will then be nominated for the International TOYP in hopes that a Maltese hopeful becomes one of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World.

Member Awards

JCI Malta Awards


This year, JCI Malta will be looking into awarding its most outstanding members, Local Organisations, National Board Members and Senators through 10 JCI Malta Awards.

Leaders of Tomorrow – National Convention