A.K.A. Why JCI?

Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us.

Our members are creative, challenge their status quo and very enthusiastic. We create positive change. We train to become better leaders. We meet at local, national, and international events to exchange ideas and share best practices.

YOUTHS (LIKE YOU) JOIN JCI TO Maximize their potential, Be active citizens, Collaborate and network, Think outside the box, Be contributors to decision-making processes, and BeCOME Innovative.

    JCI Malta provides an environment that:

  • is a place to meet new people both locally and internationally
  • helps you to learn how to deal with different situations
  • develops your skills to work independently or as a member of a broader team
  • teaches you how to plan and execute a project, event or activity
  • makes you more active than just reactive, and
  • aids with the ability to communicate better, both at an individual and public level.

    Membership fees:

  • €35 for a New Membership/Renewal;
  • €20 for a Full Time Student Membership.

If you are an employer and you wish that your employees further develop themselves on a personal, social and business level, Corporate Memberships are also available. JCI Malta is a place to meet new people, work with different personalities, deal with different situations, learn to collaborate, become motivated to take initiatives, practice project planning, and simply learn to communicate better.