#LoveShouldntHurt – JCI Malta launches project on domestic violence

22 March 2020


We are firm believers that #LoveShouldntHurt. Junior Chamber International Malta (JCI Malta) started this project with the aim of raising awareness on domestic violence in all its different forms.

This project came to life following the murder of Chantelle Camilleri, a beautiful, young, Maltese woman who was killed by her ex-partner following having left what was an abusive relationship.

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Siobhan Vassallo

This page, will not only be raising awareness on domestic violence when it comes to women, but it will be looking at all areas of domestic violence in all types of relationships. Inclusivity is our goal. The project will be educating all its followers on detecting domestic violence, on how to remove oneself from toxic relationships and scenarios, and how to be a proper support system to those around us who may be suffering among other topics.

If you would like to support this project whether in terms of human resources, knowledge or funding, feel free to contact our team on [email protected].

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