JCI Malta and MECP launch SeedGreen Climate Fund

10 May 2021


JCI Malta, together with the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning (MECP), supported by Malta Enterprise, has launched a validator and accelerator programme titled SeedGreen as part of the MECP’s national #ClimateOn campaign.

This five-month initiative is an equity-free mentor-driven validator and accelerator programme that is looking for start-up participants who can execute a proof-of-concept project based on an early-stage prototype. 

Clayton Axisa, JCI La Valette Local President, explained how the initiative came about: “Earlier this year, we teamed up with the MECP to bring to Malta a new seed fund for young enterprising leaders who want to start their very own carbon neutral business. Today, together with the Ministry, we are launching this new initiative.”

The goal of the initiative is to support scalable low-carbon start-ups that will help achieve the move towards climate neutrality and that require funds to accomplish their idea.

The programme will offer support in the form of tutoring and mentoring, which will then be put into practice during the pre-seed round, where participants will apply all the lessons learned from tutors and mentors to reach the commercial milestones.

JCI Malta President, Nicole Borg said, “I am truly honoured that JCI Malta, together with Local Organisation JCI La Valette, is delivering on its 2021 promise to create true leaders for change. How better to deliver on such a promise than to create a programme that equips young people to think of businesses that respect future generations and who want to do something about it?”

MECP is offering the top three solutions a pre-seed investment of €12,000, €10,000 and €8,000, respectively, to turn green ideas into tangible solutions.  If eligible, the runners up of the programme will get the possibility to participate in next year’s JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur international competition offered by JCI Malta, and continue implementing their ventures further within a voluntary setting with either JCI La Valette, JCI Wignacourt or JCI De Rohan.

Visit the site https://www.seedgreen.org/ for the guidelines and to apply for the initiative. 



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