JCI Growth and Development Academy 2019 – Lyon

28 May 2019


Through this post I would like to urge JCI Malta members (and non-members to join JCI Malta) to actively participate within the organisation! The fruitful work within JCI Malta will give you the chance to be able to attend academies and conferences abroad. It is a learning and enjoyable experience where you can get to know wonderful JCI people from all over the world! 

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Between the 4th and 6th of May JCI Malta gave me the opportunity to attend the JCI Growth and Development Academy which took place in Lyon. This is an Academy which is organised yearly by the JCI European Development Council and which aims to bring together JCI Members from across Europe who want to work towards the growth of the organisation.

The Academy presented itself as being a challenging and interesting experiencing whereby after being given training sessions by the European Development Council (a member of whom is our own 2017 JCI Malta National President Rachel Cassar) the attendees were subdivided into groups to work on developing a project which would identify each JCI local organisation’s growth and development. 

During the training sessions we focused on identifying the community and the purpose of the projects that are set up which would create meaningful impact within society. Additionally, advocacy skills were also passed on to the attendees which were then also practiced upon the final presentation of the project which was judged by the JCI World President Alexander Tio, the Vice President Viktor Ómarsson and the Chairwoman of the European Development Council Diana Mardarovici.

I found this Academy to be of particular interest because it encouraged the participants to go home and implement the project that was formulated during the Academy. This means that throughout the coming months JCI members from all over Europe will be creating opportunities for youth to engage with the organization and become active within their communities, which is after all the main aim of JCI – providing development opportunities to create positive change! 

Keep an eye out for the launch of the project which is being created here in Malta in the coming weeks! 



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