Do you know a lawyer, politician or someone in government actively seeking to better the community?

8 May 2020


The Government, Lawyers and Politicians hold a very important position when it comes to making society a better place for all citizens alike. They’re the ones that are elected by the public to make changes in laws and create new support measures that will ensure a brighter future for the country. They’re the ones that will work on defending those whose voices are not being properly heard.

The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards aim to recognise 10 young people (afed 18-40) coming from different sectors of society who have proven themselves to be true leaders of positive change. One such award is the ‘Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs’.

For those active at a political level in their communities, whether as part of the government, on a local council or affiliated with a political or pressure group actively working towards any SDG.

Past Winner – Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli

The past winner of this award (previously named Impactful Politics) was Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli. Hear what Hon. Farrugia Portelli had to say following winning this award back in 2018:

JCI Malta is currently on the lookout for outstanding individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 who are doing spectacular work in their society. Help us recognise those young people working tirelessly to create positive change! 🤩Here's Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli, one of our honourees from 2018. She was recognised for her work back then as a Junior Minister, now she holds the position of Minister for Tourism!Nominate someone for our TOYP Awards today! 🏆Read more:

Gepostet von JCI Malta am Mittwoch, 29. April 2020

10 JCI Malta TOYP winners to be nominated for an Award in Johannesburg

The JCI Malta version of the TOYP Awards will lead the 10 chosen winners to be nominated for the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Programme (JCI TOYP) where they will compete with nominees from all around the world to win this same award, but on an international scale! Next year, the awards ceremony will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in November.

TOYP History

The original TOYP program was developed by Durwood Howes, President of The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce during 1930 – 1931. He conceived the idea of recognising outstanding individuals by publishing a yearbook entitled ‘America’s Young Men’ which highlighted the work of 12 exemplary leaders each year.

The United States Junior Chamber officially adopted the program in 1938. Since 1952, numerous JCI National Organisations have established their own Outstanding Young Persons Programs. Past recipients of national awards include well-known personalities such as Orson Welles, Howard Hughes, Nelson Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford, Benigno Aquino, and many more, all named before the age of 40 and before they had achieved national prominence.

In 1983, JCI officially adopted the JCI Ten Outstanding Persons of the World Programme. Since then, JCI has honoured hundreds of individuals from more than 50 nations.

This awards is sponsored by FIMBANK.



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