Call for Applications: 2020 JCI Board Positions

1 September 2019


We want to make an even bigger impact in Malta in 2020 and are therefore looking for volunteers to fill the below-mentioned positions for the JCI National Board for the next term. Prospective applicants will be nominated during the JCI Annual General Meeting on 23rd September 2019 and once elected, all new officeholders will resume their positions starting from 1st January 2020.

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1. National President (vacant post in this role: 1) 

The person elected to this post shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of JCI Malta and shall be responsible for giving the National Organisation direction and for supervising the National Organisation’s activities. He/She is responsible for ensuring that the National Organisation’s activities during the year are in line with the vision and plan of action approved for the year in question and generally in line with the JCI’s mission and creed. He/She is required to preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at all the General Assembly Meetings. This person is required to represent the National Organisation in any instance locally and specifically at meetings of the Council of the Chamber of Commerce, the JCI European Development Council meeting, the European Conference and the World Congress held during his/her term of office. 

2. Deputy President & Vice President International (‘VP’) (vacant post in this role: 1) 

The person elected to this post is considered to be the right-hand person of the National President and shall stand in for the National President as and when required. This person will also provide guidance and assistance to the Local Organisation Presidents when required. As VP International, his/her role is that of acting as the link between other JCI Local and National Organisations abroad and JCI Malta. He/she is responsible for the promotion of international conferences and events as well as for assisting VP Projects with respect to international projects. This person is also responsible for the nurturing of existing twinning arrangements between the National Organisation and foreign National Organisations and for sourcing opportunities for potential twinning arrangements generally. Together with the Secretary General, the Deputy President must ensure that all the criteria for the 100% Efficiency are met and shall, moreover, be the link between the National Organisation and JCI as far as administrative matters are concerned. It is recommended that this person attends all International meetings, however if this is not possible, he/she should attempt to attend at least the World Congress. This person is also responsible for assisting the National President in making corporate presentations for recruitment purposes, for the organisation of bi-annual induction training programmes and membership recruitment events generally. For the year 2020, the Deputy President will be responsible for coordinating JCI Malta Official Trainings, including a potential JCI Impact, JCI Achieve, and the JCI Facilitator Course together with VP Trainings.

3. Vice-Presidents (vacant post in this role: 2) 

A Vice-President (VP) shall: 

● Carry out such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President and particularly to monitor, coordinate and promote the activities related to one or several JCI Areas of Opportunity. 

● Supervise the activities of the Project Leaders assigned to him/her. 

● Advise the president, the deputy president and the other vice-presidents on programmes and project matters; and 

● Receive all information relating to programmes and projects received from JCI in his/her field of responsibility and shall distribute these to the project leaders concerned. 

VP Marketing

The person elected in this role will be responsible for the overall marketing of JCI Malta and it’s LOMs. This person will be responsible for all social media accounts, which to date include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They will also be in charge of sending out newsletters as they deem fit and following consultation with National President throughout the year. This person will also be responsible for the content generation on the JCI Malta website as well as Public Relations for the organisation. The person elected will also be responsible in running online recruitment campaigns in order to add another layer of reach to potential JCI Malta members.

VP Trainings

The person elected is responsible for monthly training sessions for the full 2020 term. Apart from coordinating trainings with the Local Chapters, The VP Trainings shall be responsible for organising and coordinating JCI official trainings with the support of the Deputy President. These include a potential JCI Impact, JCI Achieve, and the JCI Facilitator Course together with VP Trainings. This person will also be responsible for coordinating any Erasmus+ Funded projects being run in Malta or for which Malta is a participating country whereby they coordinate trainings. The VP Trainings is also responsible for bringing to Malta international trainers as needed and applying for the necessary funding for said trainings.

4. Local Organisation Presidents (vacant post in this role: 3) 

The person elected to this post is responsible for the management of the Local Organisation assigned to him/her, reporting to the Board of Directors with respect to all matters concerning that Local Organisation. Specifically, this person will manage the Local Organisation, supervise and be responsible for the organisation of the Local Organisation’s activities and projects, and act as the link between the Local Organisation’s members and the Board of Directors. It is also the responsibility of the Local Organisation President to set up a Local Organisation board, which is elected by the Local Organisation members. This person is also responsible to provide training opportunities to JCI members, including but not limited to the organisation of regular training sessions. In so doing, he/she will endeavour to promote and organise events that offer members a balance between the four Areas of Opportunity. 


1. Secretary General (‘SG’) 

The SG is the administrative officer of the National Organisation responsible directly to the National President. This person acts as the link between the members of the Board of Directors and will assist the Deputy President & VP Trainings in the latter’s communications with JCI. They are required to prepare the agendas for, to give notice of and to take minutes of, all Board Meetings and General Meetings, particularly the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary General is moreover responsible for ensuring that records of JCI Malta members, records of the various Local Organisation members and the National Organisation mailing list are always up to date. Together with the Deputy President, the SG must ensure that all the criteria for the 100% Efficiency are met. This person is also responsible for the management of the Buddy System and for the assignment of new members to Local Organisations. The Secretary General shall also be responsible for the external relations of the National Organisation and this includes marketing the National Organisation to the public by press releases and other contacts with media entities. 

2. Treasurer 

This person is responsible for maintaining books of accounts and financial records for the National Organisation and for each of the Local Organisations. He/She is required to prepare National Organisation accounts (that will include Local Organisation Accounts and Project Accounts) for submission to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis as well as updated the Board of Directors of the financial position of the National Organisation on a monthly basis. The Treasurer must also liaise with the National Organisation’s auditors for the auditing of the National Organisation’s accounts on an annual basis. This person operates, together with the National President, the National Organisation’s bank accounts and they are responsible for all receipts and payments of monies made to/from the National Organisation. The treasurer shall make sure that the approved budgets are adhered to. 


1. Immediate Past President (hereinafter referred to as ‘IPP’) 

This role is automatically filled by the immediate past National President. The IPP shall serve as a parliamentarian to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. They rule on matters of parliamentary procedure at the request of the presiding officer. They ensure that the principles and mission of JCI are adhered to and that the JCI Malta Constitution is respected at all times. They will also propose amendments to JCI Malta’s Constitution and Policy Manual, if necessary. The IPP assists the National President in the negotiation of new National Organisation partnerships and is moreover responsible for ensuring that all terms agreed with the National Organisation’s partners are adhered to at all times. The IPP will work with the PR & Communications Officer to ensure that the appropriate media coverage is given to the partners and JCI Malta. All the above posts will form part of the National Board of Directors of JCI Malta and will be eligible for voting rights during all meetings. 



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