JCI Malta

The process to set up JCI in Malta began in 1993 when a group of fresh graduates from University had a dream to provide a platform where young people can develop into leaders and be agents of positive change. It was thanks to the power of networking that the group got to know of Junior Chamber International and in 1994 JCI Malta was officially established.

Our Vision

JCI Malta aims to be the recognised organisation that is the forum for the development of bold and stimulating leaders within our community. We aspire to provide our members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship for the advancement of the individual and the community in general.

Our Members

Our members are creative, challenge their status quo and very enthusiastic. We create positive change. We train to become better leaders. We meet at local, national, and international events to exchange ideas and share best practices. As at end of November 2014, our membership figure stood at 125.

Our members join JCI Malta to:

  • Maximize their potential
  • Be active citizens
  • Collaborate and network
  • Think outside the box
  • Be contributors to decision-making processes
  • Be Innovative


In Malta, JCI is made of two ‘Local Organisations’. These are:

JCI La Vallette

JCI La Vallette’s main focus is the entrepreneurial aspect of the organisation. In collaboration with JCI Malta’s corporate partners in the past years, it has successfully organised a number of flagship programmes which have left an impact in Maltese society. The Local Organisation has been active in organising events the annual Business Networking Event (BNE), the Best Business Plan Competition (BBP), and other events related to business aimed at bringing together JCI members and motivational success stories of various entrepreneurs to be able to share, meet, learn and grow.

JCI La Vallette is committed to create a space for its members to develop their business skills and increase their network, whilst at the same time contributing to their personal growth and success skills.

JCI Wignacourt

JCI Wignacourt is the Local Organisation within JCI Malta which deals with the Social and Community aspects. The local organisation is committed to develop the sensitivity of the members to societal problems and knowledge of community dynamics in solving these problems through actual experiences. JCI members develop projects through the Active Citizenship Framework which involves identifying a problem in the community, and create partnerships to develop and implement effective solutions which are then evaluated to ensure that the desired impact is reached.

In collaboration with JCI Malta’s corporate partners in the past years, it has successfully organised a number of projects which have left a positive impact in Maltese society. These include for example Corporate Social Responsibility Days, The Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP) and charity related events. These activities enable JCI Malta to bring positive change within Malta’s society and beyond. JCI de Wignacourt also organises a number of social events throughout the year for JCI members.

Learn why people joined JCI Malta by visiting the membership page.


JCI Malta sits on the Civil Society Committee of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development, representing Youths and Students. To know more please visit this page.