Call to JCI Malta Members


The 2017 JCI Malta team has committed to reaching out and involving its members in the running and organisation of its events. For this reason we would like YOU to join us to make a difference throughout the upcoming year.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in being more active and getting more value for their membership.

We would like to create a committee for each of the two chapters within JCI Malta, La Vallette (Business & Networking) and Wignacourt (Social and Community).

WHY get involved?

  • Getting the opportunity to develop and acquire several leadership and soft skills which will definitely be an asset in your career.
  • Truly pushing your boundaries and test the waters of what it would mean to be more involved and have the chance to make an impact by making JCI Malta more relevant to today’s society.
  • Acquiring the platform and support to implement that project you have been thinking abut and have never had the support or resources to do so

WHAT would getting more involved entail?

There is no particular amount of time you are required to put in. This is entirely up to you. You will be able to identify if you are interested in being part of the organising team of any of the existing upcoming events JCI Malta has planned and commit only to what you are able to.

You can also come up with a project of your own you would like JCI Malta’s support with and go ahead and work on that.

How to get involved?

If you would like more information or already have a project in mind, contact one of the 2017 JCI Malta Local Chapter Presidents through the details below:

LO La Vallette ( Business & Networking) – Eman Mifsud –

LO Wignacourt (Social and Community) – Bernard Pollacco –

It is important to note that these are voluntary positions. No experience is required as these are development opportunities. Interested individuals should get in touch with us by Saturday 31st December, 2016.

We look forward to having the opportunity to working more closely with you throughout the upcoming year.

Warm Wishes for the Festive Season.

The JCI Malta National Board.