Small Talk: Intercultural Diversity

12316483_10153251354787196_2126257509997921117_nThe JCI SmallTalk training program was a transformational experience that enabled me to join in the current conversation on the global hot topic of Diversity & Multiculturalism. 

Besides my own growth in shifting paradigms & preconceived notions of other cultures in our midst, there was a whole spectrum of experience – from spending time with refugees & refugee owned businesses, to rubbing shoulders with the President of Malta in her palace & a Symposium with MEP’s. Through various  team building excercises, Small talk gave me a practical and panoramic view of what it means to have a multicultural approach when dealing with social, economic & political aspects of our society. As a result of this, our JCI London Chamber has launched a project called “London4Refugees” starting with “London2Calais”, where we are enlisting the expertise of JCI Jordan & collaborating with other JCI Chambers in Europe to tackle the refugee crisis in Calais through various sustainable projects.
Thank you Annalisa, Clayton and JCI Malta for giving us this fantastic opportunity to not only be part of an incredible programme, but to also form lifelong friendships and bonds that reinforce the brotherhood of man transcending the sovereignty of nations. 
I look forward to continuing on in service to humanity through collaborative projects birthed from this multicultural experience to positively impact our communities“. Epi Mabika from JCI United Kingdom



I  had the privilege of attending the JCI Small Talk Exchange Programme in September 2015. The experience I attained from this Multi Cultural Project is Priceless. I mean each time, I hear the UN or other international bodies talking about or encouraging Citizens to engage and appreciate the Diverse society that we leave in today, I just thank  the Team in JCI Malta for putting together such a topical programme which has a huge meaning and influence in our Community today. 
Many Companies are now diversely encouraging their members to embrace the Multiculturalism impact in the World. As a JAYCEE, I am so proud to have taken part in this Project which enabled me enhance my people skills as well as meeting and making many friends from across the Globe whom I can engage with at anytime. 
Thanks again Annalisa and Team Malta for extending JCI UK members such an exquisite life changing opportunity. Immaculate Birungi from JCI United Kingdom 


raniaLast September I was pleased to participate in an intercultural exchange program, invited by JCI Malta and funded by the Erasmus Plus+, held between the 27th September – 3rd October 2015, bringing together 45+ delegates from JCI Malta, JCI UK, JCI Estonia, JCI Jordan and JCI Morocco, we had an amazing experience where we had a chance to practice how does it feel to be an international citizen, discussed the integration of intercultural society, more understanding of different refugees issues and we also were honored to meet Her Excellency President of Malta – Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

We left with ideas to projects to be applied concerning the integration of intercultural society, a better acceptance to our differences, a more understanding on how to be an international citizen, high energy and a lot of love.

Thanks for JCI Malta, Erasmus Plus+. Rania Bader, JCI Jordan



When I applied for the Small Talk Project, I had no idea how 6 days in my life would have such a strong impact and change my vision on the world. The Small Talk project is probably not the classical JCI World event as emphasis was put on a key topic, ”difference turned into a positive thing”. This experience taught me how to accept that we should all work together and get rid off prejudices because our difference is our strength and no man can build a bridge on its own. During this short week, I proudly met people who I hope will remain friends for life. Célestine Onomo, 2016 JCI Southampton President.

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Small Talk Programme



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 JCI MALTA : ERASMUS+ Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals ‘SMALL TALK – Investing in Intercultural Dialogue’ Project: 2015-2-MT01-KA105-003782 27th September – 3rd October 2015 – Rabat, Malta.

JCI Malta welcomes you to ‘SMALL TALK – Investing in Intercultural Dialogue’. This project aims to promote inclusion, integration and inter-cultural dialogue in our respective, ever changing realties.

We aim to increase awareness and understanding of other countries, other cultures by putting together the Active Citizens of our Network, to equip them even more to develop a sense of European Citizenship and identity to impact their communities and Be Better.

Here’s your programme for the event. We will be using informal learning tools and out door education throughout this training week also to be able to award our participants the Youth Pass – an official European certificate which assesses Key Competences to be a better 21st Century citizen.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme and covers 100% travel costs, as calculated by the projects’ rules and regulations to a capping of: Jordan – EUR 530 x person, Estonia – EUR 360 x person, Morocco – EUR 530 x person, UK – EUR 820 x person. Reimbursements will be paid upon submission of all original receipts, tickets and boarding passes of both departure and return trips to JCI Malta. All food, accommodation and transport expenses are covered at a 100% as per Erasmus+ programme allowances.

You will be housed in single rooms at the training and hosting facilities of the Archbishop Seminary in Rabat, Malta, in a quaint and calm environment. Postal address is: 90, Tal-Virtu’ Road, Rabat, RBT2604, MALTA Feel free to get in-touch directly with JCI Malta National President Annalisa Schembri on or on if you have any questions. We look forward to welcome you in Malta.