Announcing the 2015 JCI Malta’s TOYP Winners!

Photo by: Albet Camilleri

Photo by: Albert Camilleri


Business / Economic / Entrepreneurial Achievement
Dr. Abdalla Kablan, founder of a new networking app called Scheduit that is set to change the way people network and create new business connections.
Contribution to Children / World Peace / Human Rights
Mrs. Denise Farrugia D’Amato, who together with her husband had set-up a voluntary organization called ‘Reaching Cambodia’ aiming at raising awareness and funds to improve the lives of Cambodian children.
Cultural Achievement
Mr. Sean Buhagiar, for his innovative work in theatre such as the production of the popular and controversial play, ‘Jiena nhobb, Inti thobb’ and his artistic direction in various events such as ‘Notte Bianca’ and projects like ‘Dr. Klown’
Humanitarian / Voluntary Leadership
Ms. Christine Cassar, for her involvement in disaster response work abroad and also her work in Palestine, where she runs two programmes on child health and disability in the West Bank and Gaza.
Ms. Sarah Jane Caruana, for her active role with ‘Zaghzah Azzjoni Kattolika’ (ZAK) where she develops teenage children into leaders, through summer camps, youth exchanges and training courses.
Mr. Ryan Mercieca, for the revitalization of the Gozo student organization which brought changes to better serve the needs of the Gozitan students, and the setting up of the ‘Gozo Youth Council’ and the ‘Creative Leader Academy’ as well in the setting up of the LGBTQI+ organization in Gozo.
Moral / Environmental Leadership
Mr. Mario Gerada, for his non-violent approach to building bridges between church authorities and the LGBTI community, as well as for having supported numerous youths in reconciling faith with their sexuality.
 Personal Improvement / Accomplishment
Mr. Jacob Cachia, for his comeback as a survivor after being diagnosed with a brain infection that was set to claim his life, and his ordeal in overcoming three major operations. Jacob is now running an on-line support group for survivors to meet and share their experiences.
Political, Legal or Governmental Affairs
Dr. Roberta Metsola, for her tireless work as an MEP in influencing decisions at a European Parliamentary level on various issues such as migration, working conditions, LGBT rights and many others.
Scientific / Technological Development
Dr. Denise De Gaetano, as a Maltese data scientist, she has been able to utilize her skills in a number of different sectors and resource projects.


The Nominees

We are proud to announce this year’s nominees of JCI Malta’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award.

Nominations were received until 1st September 2015 for outstanding young people between the ages of 18 to 40 for their outsanding contribution towards the following categories:

– Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment
– Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs
– Academic leadership and/or accomplishment
– Cultural achievement
– Moral and/or environmental leadership
– Contribution to children, world peace, and/or human rights
– Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership
– Scientific and/or technological development
– Personal improvement and/or accomplishment
– Medical innovation

A gala dinner will be held on Friday, 23rd October 2015 whereby the 10 awardees will be announced. The event will take place at Palazzo Capua, Sliema and shall comprise of a 5 course meal with water and wine.

If you would like to join us for this event, send us an email on:



Background Information

The Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) Award is an International Award to recognize individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 years who have made a difference within their community through their exceptional skills and whose success and talent can be of inspiration to others.

Past winners of international awards include well known personalities such as Orson Welles, Nel­son Rockefeller, John F. Kennedy and Henry Kissinger, all nominated before the age of 40 and be­fore they had achieved national prominence.

Locally, JCI Malta launched the first TOYP Award in 2004. Past local nominees included a blend of entrepreneurs, academics, MEPs, musicians, sports and TV personalities, a renowned water treat­ment engineer, an internationally recognised cardiac arrhythmia researcher, and incredibly dedi­cated voluntary workers, just to mention a few.